Gyeongnam Province, Office of Education, special education development zone ‘dissonance’ | Segye Ilbo

Gyeongnam Province, Office of Education, special education development zone ‘dissonance’ |  Segye Ilbo

Project to link provinces, 8 cities, counties and 5 districts
“Planning for a virtuous cycle of regional development”
Office of Education protests against “making decisions without consultation”
Raising issues with Uiryeong, Sancheong, and Namhae planning plans

Regarding the special education development zone project that the Ministry of Education is promoting through a public contest, the Gyeongsangnam-do region appears to be struggling as disharmony between related organizations is felt from the application stage. The Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education was upset about the plans of some local governments related to special educational development zones, saying, “Procedures were ignored and content was reviewed and resolved without consultation.”

According to the Provincial Office of Education and Gyeongnam Province on the 12th, the two organizations jointly applied to the Ministry of Education on the 8th for the ‘Gyeongnam-type Future Strategic Industry Education Development Special Zone’, a plan for application for the Education Development Special Zone pilot area, a public contest project of the Ministry of Education. This project is a national project in which the Office of Education, local governments, and related organizations cooperate to develop an educational model. It is also part of the ‘regional revitalization policy’ to lay the foundation for talented people from non-metropolitan areas to receive good education and settle down happily in the area where they grew up. Once designated as a special zone, financial support of 3 to 10 billion won in special grants every year for three years and special benefits tailored to the characteristics of the region are provided.

Gyeongnam Province, the Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education, and cities and counties in the province work together to foster technical talent at specialized high schools in the province, expand the selection of local talent at contracted specialized high schools and universities, and provide step-by-step customized services within the Gyeongnam-type educational development special zone from elementary school through college to employment and local settlement. The focus was on providing support and conditions.

The provinces are △Aerospace Education Development Special Zone (Jinju, Sacheon, Goseong) △Smart Manufacturing Special Education Development Zone (Changwon) △Nano Education Development Special Zone (Milyang) △Future Shipbuilding Education Development Special Zone (Geoje) △Automotive and Biomedical Education Development Special Zone (Gimhae) ·Yangsan) It is composed of 5 districts that fit the strategic industrial sectors of 8 cities and counties.

The province explained that it was planned with the intention of creating a virtuous cycle of regional development by combining the foundation of the Provincial Office of Education’s vocational education innovation district, which is well-connected with regional specialized high schools and regional strategic industries, and local corporate employment and settlement conditions for specialized high schools and general high schools. In the case of Uiryeong-gun, Namhae-gun, and Sancheong-gun, it is reported that they plan to apply for the second public offering in June after finalizing the business model related to the special education development zone through additional consultation with related organizations.

However, the Gyeongnam Provincial Office of Education raised objections to this provincial plan. This is because the Gyeongnam Provincial Regional Committee deliberated and decided on the special educational development zone plan for Uiryeong, Sancheong, and Namhae-gun without consulting with the Provincial Office of Education. The Provincial Office of Education strongly protested that such actions by Gyeongnam Province and the Provincial Local Government Committee undermined the cooperative value of special educational development zones and ignored the authority and role of the Office of Education, and urged them to prevent recurrence. Park Jong-hoon, Superintendent of South Gyeongsang Province, expressed regret, saying, “The special education development zone project is premised on close cooperation between the Office of Education, local governments, and related organizations, and I believe that promoting the project without sufficient consultation would greatly undermine its purpose.”

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