Hakan Bayrakçı announced the results on CNN Turk: The situation is even in Istanbul.

Hakan Bayrakçı announced the results on CNN Turk: The situation is even in Istanbul.


Bayrakçı said, “Again, Welfare is hanging on with all its might. They say that this is a municipal election and do not look at it. Likewise, the İYİ Party is the same. For example, the candidate of the Victory Party will not waste the votes he will receive from the idealists. No party is in a position to say that I will skip this election. They should say that my candidate got this too. 0 “Even 5 points is important in this election,” he said.

Here are the highlights from Bayrakçı’s statements;


In this election, district mayors will receive votes according to their performance. If the party’s vote is 30, its mayor will be able to receive 48/50.

The Turkish nation voted with sensitivity in the general election. Now, this election will determine the future of Turkey’s general politics. Will voters have security concerns in the Istanbul elections?

– We can only observe this in the last 20 days. Voters are not concentrated right now.

Mr. İmamoğlu caused a fracture in the CHP. Will this break cause CHP to lose votes?

– This reaction exists to some extent. It may gradually increase by a few points. I’m talking about the reaction. It could be against you. İmamoğlu’s score may decrease. He received 54 percent in the last election. Now where did these 54 go? Nearly 5 İYİ Parties, nearly 5 DEMs. Now there appears to be a loss and the reason for this loss is political.


Before Mr. Kurum’s announcement, the AK Party’s votes seemed low. When the name of the institution was announced, the votes started to increase. How big is this trend and where is its peak?

– There was a difference of 12/13 points 1-2 months ago. We can give a clear answer to this after the survey to be conducted in 20 days. CHP has been so confused for 1 month that, yes, the staunch CHP supporters are just sighing. There is a 4/5 point, which is very unsettling. For example, there were districts that were neck and neck, such as Üsküdar, Tuzla, Sancaktepe, and very different results were obtained in these districts.

Voting is done by looking at the actions in the districts and the mayoral candidate.

There are 20 points difference in districts that are considered head to head. There is a 35 point difference in Kağıthane. There is a difference of 20 points in Üsküdar and 14/15 points in Sancaktepe.

The Institution’s bureaucratic and service-oriented speeches are appreciated.

The institution does not get involved in politics much and this is a very good thing.

It has a structure identified with earthquakes and destruction. Istanbul is expecting an earthquake. The Institution does not escalate the tension.


According to recent surveys, the first problem in Istanbul is traffic and the second is earthquake.

İmamoğlu is constantly trying to pull Murat Kurum onto the mat. He says, “I’m not competing with Murat Kurum.” He says he is competing with the President. How does this situation affect İmamoğlu’s voting status?

Ahmet Hakan said, “Murat Kurum should give an answer from above without getting into polemics. Mr. Kurum is giving an answer, but it should not be a polemical answer.”

Bayrakçı said, “İmamoğlu’s advantage is that he is more modest with the society and like one of them. Personally, he is not like a president who looks up from above. His perception among the voters, come, auntie, etc. He is criticized, but his promotion is strong. He effectively explains what he does with billboards and posters in Istanbul.” .

Will President Erdoğan’s involvement in the field be in favor or against the Institution?

– Murat Kurum should not nominate a shadow candidate in this Istanbul election.

Ahmet Hakan also said, “During this campaign, if the President directly polemics with İmamoğlu and targets him, this is exactly what İmamoğlu wants. The President says things constructed in more general terms. He makes statements such as ‘They haven’t done much in 5 years’ without naming names.” “I looked at the speeches Erdogan has made so far. He did not cross that fine line. İmamoğlu wants that fine line to be crossed.” said.

Where do those who are broken with CHP go?

Hometown Party will not receive less than 1.5/2. I measure this score as 2.5.

CHP doesn’t seem to care much about DEM nominating candidates in Istanbul. CHP Leader Özel’s statements also show so.


People’s Alliance Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Mayor candidate Murat Kurum made important statements on live broadcast. Murat Kurum, who announced the projects to be carried out for Istanbul, also announced the results of the last survey and announced how many points they were ahead.


We did a survey after the candidacy and we were 2 points behind. I took a survey 1 week before the launch. We are now 1.5 points ahead. This is also the case in the survey conducted by CHP. In this survey we conducted, DEM Party and YRP nominate candidates. Without complacency, we, together with all Istanbulites, will carry out our works with the vision of true municipalism on March 31. Istanbul is ready for this. We will celebrate a victory in cooperation on March 31st.


Re-Welfare nominated Mehmet Altınöz in Istanbul and Suat Kılıç in Ankara. Melik Yiğitel said, “Re-Welfare gets 1 percent of the votes in Istanbul.” İsmail Dükel also stated that Re-Welfare will receive 5.2 percent of the votes in Ankara.


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