Hakan Bayrakçı shared the latest survey in Istanbul

Hakan Bayrakçı shared the latest survey in Istanbul

SONAR Research President Bayrakçı said that the support for the Institution and İmamoğlu in Istanbul is head-to-head. Bayrakçı stated that the staunch CHP supporters were just sighing because of the latest developments in the CHP. The Etimesgut survey attracted attention.


As local elections approach, surveys continue to be shared. Speaking on CNN Türk broadcast, SONAR Research Company President Hakan Bayrakçı shared the latest situation in Istanbul.

“Chp member just sighs”

Noting that a month or two ago, there was a 12-13 point difference between the two candidates, Bayrakçı said, “We can give a clear answer to this after the survey to be held in 20 days. CHP has been so confused for 1 month that, yes, the staunch CHP supporters are just sighing. A 4/5 “There is a score, which is very worrying. For example, there were districts that were neck and neck, such as Üsküdar, Tuzla, Sancaktepe, and very different results were obtained in these districts,” he said.

Support for both candidates is 41 percent

Bayrakçı also said that in the latest surveys, the support for AK Party’s Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Murat Kurum and IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu was 41 percent.

“There is a difference of 20 points in Üsküdar and 35 points in Kağıthane”

Noting that votes were made by looking at the actions and candidates in the districts, Bayrakçı continued his words as follows:

“There are 20 points difference in the districts taken head to head. There is a 35 point difference in Kağıthane. There is a 20 point difference in Üsküdar and 14/15 points difference in Sancaktepe.

The Institution’s bureaucratic and service-oriented speeches are appreciated.

The institution does not get involved in politics much and this is a very good thing.

It has a structure identified with earthquakes and destruction. Istanbul is expecting an earthquake. “The Institution does not escalate the tension.”

Referring to the alliance that dissolved in Istanbul, Bayrakçı noted that he expected the Homeland Party to receive at least 1.5-2 percent of the votes in Istanbul. Bayrakçı also said, “CHP does not seem to care much about DEM nominating candidates in Istanbul. CHP Leader Özel’s statements also show so.”

Criticism to CHP management: Beşikçioğlu is 9 points behind the current president

Hakan Bayrakçı announced: CHP’s president is 9 points ahead of his candidate

SONAR Research Head Hakan Bayrakçı said that he was 9 points behind Erdal Beşikçioğlu, whom CHP nominated in Etimesgut. Criticizing the assertive statements of the CHP administration, Bayrakçı said, “I see the polls in Etimesgut saying they are head to head. In my poll, the current mayor is 9 points ahead. We will see on April 1. We will see it in the Presidency as well.”



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