Hamas accepted Putin’s request: They released 2 Russian hostages

Hamas accepted Putin’s request: They released 2 Russian hostages

Upon Russia’s request, Hamas released two Russian hostages.


Hamas released 2 more hostages taken captive during the Aqsa Flood operation against Israel on October 7. Hamas, which released two Russian hostages upon Russia’s request, will also release 10 Israelis later in the night. On the other hand, in response to this move by Hamas, Israel will release 30 Palestinians in its possession.

They released 2 Russian citizens

On the 6th day of the humanitarian pause in the Gaza Strip, Hamas’s armed wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, released 2 more foreign national captives. In the statement made by the Qassam Brigades, it was stated that 2 Russian prisoners were released upon the request of Russia. It was reported that the Russian captives were recently handed over to the Red Cross teams to be taken to the representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Prisoner exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel

The agreement regarding a 4-day “humanitarian pause” in the conflicts between Israel and Hamas came into effect at 07:00 (08:00 Turkish lira) on November 24. In this context, 51 Israelis in Gaza and 150 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons were mutually released for 4 days. Within the scope of the agreement reached, the “humanitarian search” and prisoner exchange were extended for 2 more days. In this context, 10 Israeli and 30 Palestinian prisoners were released on Tuesday.


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