Hamas leader Haniyeh announced! We are close to a ceasefire with Israel! Here is the content of the Israel-Hamas agreement…

Hamas leader Haniyeh announced!  We are close to a ceasefire with Israel!  Here is the content of the Israel-Hamas agreement…

As ISRAEL’s genocide in Gaza enters its 46th day, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said that they are ‘close to reaching’ a ceasefire agreement with Israel and that they have conveyed their answers to Qatar, which is mediating on this issue. Details of the 5-day ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas have been revealed.


Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said that they were ‘close to reaching’ a ceasefire agreement with Israel and that they conveyed their answers to Qatar, which was mediating on this issue. Hamas’ Telegram account included the statement made by the movement’s Political Bureau Head, Ismail Haniyeh, regarding the ceasefire.

Haniyeh, “The movement responded to its brothers and mediators in Qatar. We are close to reaching a ceasefire agreement.” he said.

Here are the terms of the ceasefire agreement…

AFP reported that within the scope of the agreement, which includes a cessation of hostilities for five days, between 50 and 100 Israeli and foreign hostages will be released, and there will be no military personnel among these people.

The agency stated that in return, approximately 300 Palestinians, including women and children, would be released from prisons in Israel.

According to Hamas and Islamic Jihad sources, 300 trucks of food and medical aid will also be allowed to enter Gaza under the agreement.

The biggest problem in the deal is Israeli planes

Israeli media quotes officials as saying that an agreement between Israeli officials and Hamas is close. However, one of the main issues that the two sides cannot agree on is the use of Israeli aircraft. Hamas wants the use of aircraft for surveillance purposes to be banned during the ceasefire. The Israeli side is not keen on this.

2 more journalists lost their lives in Gaza

It was stated that 2 more journalists lost their lives in the bombardment of Israeli warplanes against the Gaza Strip. According to the news of the Palestinian news agency WAFA, female journalists Ala Tahir al-Hasanat and Ayat Haddura, whose houses were targeted in the al-Barij Refugee Camp in the central parts of Gaza and the Beit Lahiye region in the north, lost their lives in the bombardment. Haddura said, “This will be the last video,” in the broadcast where he connected via video to the Alghad television channel, of which he is a correspondent, to convey the developments. she said.

Israeli media says ‘green light’ has been given

Israeli media says that the ‘green light’ has been given to making an agreement to stop the conflicts. Israeli media report that an agreement is in preparation. According to the news in question, Israel gave the green light to an agreement that provides for a five-day pause in hostilities and the exchange of prisoners.

Israel’s troop losses in land operations increased to 68

The Israel Defense Forces announced that two more soldiers fighting in the north of the Gaza Strip died, and the death toll in the ground operation against Hamas increased to 68.

Latest situation in Israel’s occupation of Gaza

While the armed wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, launched a comprehensive attack on the morning of October 7, on the grounds of “responding to Israel’s constant violations against the Palestinians and their sacred values, especially the Masjid al-Aqsa”, the Israeli army also launched intense air bombardment on the Gaza Strip. started it.

According to Israel, Hamas holds 239 hostages

It was announced that 1,200 Israelis, including more than 310 soldiers, died and 5,132 people were injured in the attacks in Israel on October 7. According to the Israeli army, 66 Israeli soldiers have been killed in clashes in Gaza and 6 on the Lebanese border since October 7. According to Israel, there are 239 Israeli prisoners in the hands of the Qassam Brigades.

5,600 children, 13 thousand 300 deaths in Gaza

According to the government in Gaza, 13,300 people, including 5,600 children and 3,550 women, have been killed in the Gaza Strip in Israeli attacks since October 7.

Since October 7, 217 Palestinians have lost their lives in attacks by Israeli forces and Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israel hit humanity!

The Israeli army hit the campuses or main buildings of dozens of hospitals in Gaza, where tens of thousands of injured and civilians took shelter, to force their evacuation. They raided some hospitals during the occupation. Hundreds of people died and were injured in the attacks.

76 Hezbollah members have died in clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah at the border since October 8.


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