‘Havaianas’ launches the most exclusive campaign ‘Havaianas Collaboration Pin’

‘Havaianas’ launches the most exclusive campaign ‘Havaianas Collaboration Pin’

pull 5 Famous street artists, designers and actors. Collaborate in designing limited edition shoe pins Edition Created a phenomenon for the first time for the Hawaiian family around the world. at the eventMake Your Own Havaianas Thailand 2023

Hawaiianus (Havaianas) Iconic lifestyle that fashion lovers around the world love. A world-class sandal brand from Brazil. Outstanding and has a unique style. Until becoming popular and becoming a trendsetter in sandals, winning the hearts of people all over the world. Come back to create fun and fulfill the lifestyle of fans again with organizing events. Make Your Own Havaianas Thailand 2023‘ (MYOH) in the atmosphere Beach House Open space for everyone to design sandals in your own style.! Through the selection of shoe soles shoe strap and shoe pins which has prepared various styles of features to mix and match so that customers can fully enjoy their favorite styles. and found highlights of the event Latest Brand Ambassador knot Melada Susri Let’s talk about the journey of becoming a Hawaiian family. Ready to show shoes DIY in Bow style! to be displayed as souvenirs at Havaianas Concept Store

In addition, this year Hawaiianus Thailand also createdBig surprise launchThe most exclusive campaign Havaianas Collaboration Pin : HavaianasXTHartists 5 Collection By inviting 4 Famous street artists and designers CarnivalKhun Pin Anupong Kuttikul, CEO and co-founder Carnival A Thai street brand that is famous all over the world. BINKO Binko, picture of the sky, canna, Latte LatteChinese Onchaporn Warasirikul, and Mr.DolphAnn Irin Ariyathanaporn and another 1 famous actor couple Internet & James From the hottest series Don’t play with Anon. (Bed Friend Series) comeCreate a phenomenal special campaign to design shoe pins together. A first for the Hawaiian family around the world. that are available only in Thailand! All pins have been organized.displayed and sold to bothFCArtists and brand lovers have chosen to shop. Decorate shoes or collect as souvenirs

At the event there was also a Special Show from Net & James along with a meet and greet with FC and Lucky Draw winners who attended the event to buy and mix and match shoes on the day of the event at Central World, 3rd floor, Atrium zone. 3

Mr. Apiwit Shiratani Deputy Chief Marketing Officer, Rich Sport Company Limited (public) Importer and distributor of branded products has mentioned beingHawaiianus” (Havaianas) Thailand is ready to reveal the direction to elevate the brand to the level of Global Standard, pinning Thailand as a Hup that everyone must visit. Thank you to all customers for their love and always being beside us. Therefore, we do not stop and create good stories every day to reward our fans and continue to elevate the brand in every dimension so that customers can experience the international atmosphere in every area. sentimental When entering our house What is starting to become clear is creativity. Havaianas Store in style Beach House Concept Change the design to look like bringing the beach into the store. Very comfortable atmosphere Brighten up and have fun choosing your perfect hawanus partner. This change in look will take place in order to raise the level. Customer experience of Havaianas in Thailand to be Brand house International level that is complete and ready to serve every consumer need. But it still maintains the impression and gives an Oriental feel to match with Asia. This new concept will be showcased for Thai people to see soon.

As for the campaign Havaianas Collaboration Pin : ‘HavaianasXTHartists5 A collection of artists share their inspiration for creating unique Pins.Keep it interesting.

Carnival in the collection name “The Brazilian Bear Collection” Bernie The cutest mascot of Carnival which represents the arrival in Brazil, the land of Samba and the Amazon forest floor.! By fun, music and lights It’s an inspiration for Little Bear to go wild in decorating. Havaianas World class sandals! Let’s be your best friend on a relaxing day together. 2 types

Net & James in the collection nameThe LOVE is all aroundThat Net and James wanted to add their own gimmick. Intending to communicate to everyone about Net and James. through both icons5 that shows warmth Our coolness, our cuteness, our mischievousness and who we are. How different will it be? They can be mixed together perfectly. There are a number 5 styles *Sold as a set

Binko Collection name CLUMSY PEEPS CLUBThe cutest characters that Binko Falling in love with dogs and cats, which gives the feeling of being true friends, never abandoning each other, and ready to be together all the way. Used to create a piece of art that perfectly conveys meaning. 3 types

MR.DOLPH The name of the collection is MR.DOLPH Sunnies and StickCombining the Hawaianas Beach House concept fits the character Mr.Dolp who like Hawaii together Create the identity of both 2 brand perfectly Through surfing that creates happiness and fun for everyone in numbers 3 type

LATTE LATTE use nameLATTE LATTE It expresses the feeling of wanting to wake up and draw a picture every morning. With character “LATTE LATTE” which is very inspired by the Gatsby mouse that used toRaise your child to the dream of becoming a famous character. That makes everyone smile when they see a latte. This time Nong Latte comes with Hawaiianus sandals to help boost confidence and color to make every day a day of smiles. There are 4 types of creations.

As for brand ambassador Bow Melda Sukri, who is both a representative of the cuteness, brightness and liveliness of Gen C and is also a steadfast member of FC Hawaiianas, she expressed her impression this time. “I am very happy to be a part of the Hawaiianus family. Because they like and believe in the brand that every pair of shoes, including the design in every piece, has been truly conveyed from the love of what they do. Because it is very clear that the Hawaiian people intend to pass on fun, full of freedom. and the most creative colors come out in every collection. Let fans around the world find your true identity through shoes that are waiting for you to get your hands on.”

Make Your Own Havaianas We invite everyone to come shop and design your own sandals. since 22 23 Nov. 66 At Central World Shopping Center, Floor 3 Find special activities and promotions throughout the event. which each day will have Famous artists participated in activities from 22 P.Y. – 26 P.Y. 66 Whether it is park Poppy Famous stars from the series Ning Hia also say that they are honest and don’t play with Anon., First & Khao Tang Hottest series Kath The Eclipse, Force & book Hottest series: Who is Anchanté? Enchante Series, and jiMimi & Tommy The hottest series: Lightning Son Story And don’t miss the promotions for this event only.

and in the work of those who choose to buy products MYOH Complete set by selecting the sole, selecting the sandal strap, and selecting Havaianas Pin Get it for free.! Limited Hawaiianus bag for this event only. If it’s this heavy, the coffee lovers will be completely satisfied.Interested in details of cool items and activity content from Hawaiianus? You can go to www.Havaianas.co.th And ask for more information at Line OA @havaianasofficial IG @havaianas.thailand Facebook @HavaiansThailand Or go check-in at all Hawaiianus branches in leading department stores nationwide.

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