He strangles his wife and attempts suicide. Yet another feminicide in Fano

He strangles his wife and attempts suicide.  Yet another feminicide in Fano

AGI – Yet another feminicide in Italy. A 70-year-old man strangled and killed his wife, in via Montefeltro, in the Poderino district of Fano. The man, according to what ‘Correre Adriatico’ reports, then attempted to take his own life by ingesting barbiturates. The crime, which occurred last night around 9pm, it was discovered by one of the couple’s children who was waiting for their parents for dinner.

Not seeing them arrive, he went to look for them, discovered the tragedy and raised the alarm by calling 112. The man is under arrest, accused of voluntary manslaughter, and is currently hospitalized. From what has been learned, the woman, Rita Talamelli, 66 years old, had been ill for some time.

When he entered his parents’ house, the son found them in the bedroom, she lying down and lifeless and he, Angelo Sfuggiti, 70 years old, not far away, gasping from the effect of a dose of barbiturates he had ingested. He was hospitalized in Fano and his life is not in danger.

According to an initial cadaveric examination, the woman was strangled with her bare hands late yesterday afternoon. The investigations by the Fano police station will have to clarify the reasons that led the man to kill his wife.


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