He was found dead in his ex-wife’s house in Tekirdağ

He was found dead in his ex-wife’s house in Tekirdağ

A 42-year-old woman was found dead in her ex-husband’s house in Çerkezköy district of TEKİRDAĞ.


Allegedly, Sevgi T., who divorced her ex-wife HU 4 months ago, went to her ex-husband’s house in Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa District the previous evening. The daughter, wondering about her mother who did not come home at night, came to the house where her father lived and found her mother Sevgi T. covered in blood on the floor.

Citizens who heard the screams of the young girl reported the situation to 112 and police teams. While the arriving teams determined that Sevgi T. died after being shot in the neck with a gun, police teams also found the gun used in the incident on the floor of the room.

HU, who went missing after the incident, was caught in his hiding place in a short time after the work of the police teams. HU, who was taken into custody, was taken to the police station to be questioned after the doctor’s report was obtained.

Sevgi T.’s lifeless body was taken to the Çerkezköy State Hospital morgue after the preliminary autopsy by the public prosecutor on duty at the scene. While the relatives of Sevgi T., a mother of two children, could not get over the shock of the incident for a long time, the cause of Sevgi T.’s death is being investigated.

The investigation into the incident continues.


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