He went to ram. A policeman tried to escape from Ukraine in an official car | In the world | Policy

He went to ram.  A policeman tried to escape from Ukraine in an official car |  In the world |  Policy

In the Odessa region, a policeman in an official car tried to break through the border into Moldova, taking with him two draft dodgers from military service. Ukrainian media reported this. However, the escape attempt was stopped by border guards.

The plan is as reliable as a Swiss watch

According to press reports, the incident occurred on February 10 at about 15:00. A police sergeant agreed (apparently for money) that he would transport two evaders from service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) to Moldova.

To implement the plan, the policeman arrived at the border in an official car. And he decided to break through the checkpoint, turning on the special signals on the car to be sure. However, he was stopped by border guards.

As a result, all the fugitives were detained. At the same time, draft dodgers face administrative punishment and possible transfer to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And a criminal case was opened against the security officer, which, most likely, will also lead him to the front line.

From offices to stormtroopers

The attempts of Ukrainian police to escape from their country are understandable – against the backdrop of huge losses in the 2023 counteroffensive, the Kiev regime is driving security forces to the front line, plugging holes in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is known that the Ukrainian authorities are planning to draft up to 100 thousand police officers into the army.

Recently, aif.ru wrote that 800 security forces were urgently mobilized in Kharkov alone. Moreover, the investigators and guards were sent to assault units near Kupyansk – that is, to certain death. The security forces began writing dismissal reports en masse, but in vain, no one is releasing them “to freedom.” Hence the desire to escape abroad.

At the same time, without police, crime has flourished en masse in Ukrainian cities, but Kyiv is keeping silent about these facts.

Russian-speaking police officers will be mobilized first

The trend of police officers trying to escape abroad will only intensify, says reserve lieutenant colonel, candidate of historical sciences Oleg Ivannikov.

“This trend has been going on for a long time. Now that a new law on mobilization is being adopted, this has become most relevant. And the entire reasonable population of Ukraine is trying to either hide abroad or sit in basements and wait until Russia frees them from the Kyiv regime,” he noted in a conversation with aif.ru.

According to the expert, Kyiv will not stop mobilizing security forces. Moreover, the first to go to the front line will be those police officers whose loyalty the authorities are not sure of. “Those who do not actively detain citizens, do not help military commissars, as well as Russian speakers, will go into the crucible of the conflict first,” he believes.

At the same time, Ivannikov is confident that the police will not be able to effectively take part in hostilities because they do not have military experience. “This is another crime of the Kyiv regime,” concludes the reserve lieutenant colonel.


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