Health denounces Israeli attack with “tank artillery” on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza; there are at least 12 dead | News from Mexico

Health denounces Israeli attack with “tank artillery” on the Indonesian hospital in Gaza;  there are at least 12 dead |  News from Mexico

Jerusalem, November 20, 2023 – The Ministry of Health in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, reported today that at least 12 people, including wounded and medical personnel, lost their lives as a result of direct attacks by the Israeli Army on the Indonesian Hospital, located near Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip.

Ministry spokesman Ashraf al Qudra denounced that the Israeli occupation forces placed thousands of wounded, medical personnel and displaced people in what he described as “the circle of death” due to the direct and repeated attacks on the Indonesian Hospital.

According to the statement, The hospital was attacked with artillery by Israeli tanks, resulting in numerous injuries.including the head of the orthopedics department, Dr. Adnan al Bursh, who suffered a serious head injury.

This tragic incident adds to a series of Israeli attacks against hospitals in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, with the alleged justification of the alleged presence of Hamas militiamen in these facilities. One of the most notable cases was the siege of the Al Shifa Hospital, the largest in the Strip, located in Gaza City.

The Israeli government alleges that Hamas used the basement of Al Shifa hospital as its main command center and presented alleged evidence that would support this claim, including the discovery of a fortified underground tunnel. In addition, they showed videos that, according to them, show how several injured kidnapped people were taken to Shifa and claimed to have forensic evidence that the captive soldier Noa Marciano was murdered by Hamas inside that hospital.

After almost a week of siege of Shifa Hospital and the forced evacuation of some 3,000 people, including medical personnel, wounded and displaced, Israel on Saturday ordered the evacuation of all hospital staff and patients. During this operation, dozens of seriously injured people, including premature babies, lost their lives due to a lack of essential medical supplies, water and fuel.

In this context, some of the evacuees, especially those with more serious injuries, were transferred to the Indonesian Hospital in Jabalia, north of Gaza City, which was attacked by Israeli forces today, according to the complaint of the Ministry of Health of Loop.

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