Healthcare, the Regions’ ultimatum: “Stop the cuts or we will go to the Constitutional Court”

Healthcare, the Regions’ ultimatum: “Stop the cuts or we will go to the Constitutional Court”


Repeal of title 1 paragraph 13 of the Pnrr decree which cuts 1.2 billion to the Regions mainly relating to works for the seismic safety of hospital structures, or a formal commitment for the reinstatement of the funds. Otherwise you go straight to the Constitutional Court. The request to the Meloni government came out of the Conference of Regions working on the Pnrr decree and in particular on the chapter concerning cuts to healthcare.

Hospitals in pieces and endless waits. The heavy bill of twenty years of cuts

by Michele Bocci

The president of the Conference of Regions that leads Friuli Venezia Giulia explains what is happening among the governors, Massimiliano Fedriga: “We have always moved in a constructive way albeit in a critical scenario, that is, with regard to the funds pursuant to Article 20 we have asked for the definancing to be eliminated or for a formal commitment to be made to refinance them. Our opinion is conditioned on this request” , explained the Northern League member.

Alberto Mantovani: “Everyone has the right to treatment. Italy must not become a country for the rich”

by Elena Dusi

“From an informal conversation we saw an openness on the part of the Government and a willingness in this sense. As always, we work with a view to loyal collaboration, even in difficult times”, he added.

To then conclude: “I think it is everyone’s objective, first and foremost the Government’s, to give an answer that can improve the country’s healthcare provision. We will use all the channels of collaboration and also those of non-collaboration, if necessary, to protect the National Health Service as much as possible”.

In the event that the government decides to continue, the regional presidents are ready to turn to the Constitutional Court.


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