Here is the new table in EYT! Attention to those who started working in 1990-2000-2004-2005 and later

Here is the new table in EYT!  Attention to those who started working in 1990-2000-2004-2005 and later

There was a critical development regarding the 45, 46 and 47 age groups. A new list added to the EYT list provides early retirement opportunities, especially for certain professional groups.

The issue of early retirement continues to be on the agenda. There was another vital development for certain age groups. The new 4-item list added to the EYT list opens the doors of early retirement to certain professional groups.

This list focuses on the fact that the standard bonus date and age conditions may be relaxed in some cases, and on special “attrition right” situations.


In addition to new developments, an important detail regarding internship and apprenticeship insurance attracts attention. It is stated that, especially for lawyers, internship periods spent without insurance can be taken into account in retirement calculations through borrowing. By documenting their 1-year internship period, lawyers can include this period in their retirement calculations through borrowing.


A notable alternative emerges for those who are deprived of early retirement benefits within the scope of EYT: internship and apprenticeship insurance. In particular, considering internship and apprenticeship periods as the beginning of insurance may seriously affect retirement conditions for certain professional groups. For example, lawyers can include the 1-year internship period they spent without insurance in their retirement calculations by debiting it. This is an important factor in determining the retirement age and the required number of premium days.



However, it is not mandatory to borrow all of these special periods; Partial borrowing is also possible depending on need. For mothers, it is noteworthy that births before they were insured cannot be included in retirement calculations through borrowing. These details are of critical importance for individuals who are deprived of EYT benefits and want to use internship and apprenticeship periods in their retirement plans. This alternative path could be a new source of light in the retirement maze.


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