Hexi taxation helps subway construction achieve “acceleration”

Hexi taxation helps subway construction achieve “acceleration”


If traffic is prosperous, all industries will prosper; if traffic is smooth, all industries will be prosperous. In recent years, people’s pace of life has been accelerating, and the subway has become a means of transportation favored by more and more people because of its convenience and speed. As the “main artery” of urban development, urban rail transit balances the passenger flow of the urban road network and promotes regional economic development, creating a solid infrastructure base for the economic and social development of Hexi District.

In order to help urban rail transit enterprises develop faster and better, the Hexi District Taxation Bureau not long ago once again visited CCCC (Tianjin) Rail Transit Investment and Construction Co., Ltd. to follow up on the subway line 11 project under construction and send policies and questions. To meet the needs, help enterprises do practical things, provide practical measures, and solve practical difficulties.

At the beginning of this year, some sections of Metro Line 11 were opened to traffic. The business model has changed from engineering construction to rail transit operations. Tax declarations for income from passenger tickets, advertising business, etc. are still unfamiliar, and a series of problems need to be solved urgently. The district taxation bureau takes answering questions and fully implementing relevant policies as its top priority. “Tax grid officers” provide one-on-one guidance to enterprises and provide full-process services for tax issues at this stage through telephone communication, door-to-door counseling, etc. “In fact, since the start of the Line 11 project in 2019, the tax department has arranged for specialists to communicate with us frequently, and many problems, large and small, have been solved.” Wang, Director of the Finance and Financing Department of CCCC (Tianjin) Rail Transit Investment and Construction Co., Ltd. Da told reporters: “At the end of last year, we had doubts about income tax, stamp duty, etc. In addition, there were different problems in 13 bidding sections. The district taxation bureau organized cadres to provide door-to-door services more than ten times to provide us with ‘tailor-made’ analysis. Applicable ‘tax preferential packages’ and personalized counseling optimize the application materials and approval processes for tax preferential policies to help us enjoy various tax preferential policies. Such as corporate income tax ‘three exemptions and three half reductions’, small and micro enterprises We have all enjoyed the ‘six taxes and two fees’ policy, which has really helped us convert the ‘real money’ from the tax preferential policy into ‘working capital’ for production and operation.”

At present, the construction of the unopened section of Metro Line 11 is coming to an end and is expected to be put into operation before the end of this year. Urban rail transit carries the people’s dreams to all directions.

“Letting enterprises develop faster and better and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Hexi District has always been our goal. This year, we will conscientiously implement the State Council’s deployment requirements to promote ‘getting one thing done efficiently’ and proactively Adapt to the new situation, new requirements and new expectations of the people, build an interactive service mechanism for collection and collection of ‘accurate push, intelligent interaction, coordination of handling and inquiry, and full interaction’, open up business processing channels and tax guidance service channels, and launch more pragmatic, effective, and More targeted service measures allow enterprises to obtain intelligent, efficient, accurate and convenient tax guidance services in a timely manner when handling business, and continue to polish the ‘Spring Breeze Action for Convenient Taxation’ brand.” Chen Tangzhuang, Hexi District Taxation Bureau Yu Tao, deputy director of the tax office, said.


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