Hezbollah targeted the gathering center of Zionist soldiers

Hezbollah targeted the gathering center of Zionist soldiers

to report Jam Jam onlineAccording to “Al-Manar” news site, Lebanon’s Hezbollah said in its statement today that in order to support the stand of the noble Palestinian nation, the gathering of Zionist soldiers around the “Jal-ul-Alam” base in the north of occupied Palestine was targeted by rocket attacks. Is.

Zionist media reported today Thursday that a new wave of rockets was fired from Lebanon towards the Zionist settlement of Shlomi in the north of occupied Palestine, and at least five explosions were heard in this settlement.

The Zionist media also admitted yesterday, Wednesday, that since the beginning of the war against the Gaza Strip, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has fired nearly 1,000 anti-armor missiles at the positions of the Zionist regime’s army in the northern regions of occupied Palestine, and that the Tel Aviv military authorities have no solution to deal with these missiles.

These media predicted that in the event of any war in the future, Hezbollah will fire thousands of anti-armor missiles and tens of thousands of heavy bullets into the northern and central areas of occupied Palestine.

Lebanese resistance fighters have entered into a confrontation with the Zionist enemy since October 8th (16 Mehr) and only one day after the start of the “Al-Aqsa storm” operation in Gaza. Since this date, along more than 100 kilometers, Lebanese Hezbollah has repeatedly targeted the positions of the occupiers.

In this regard, the Zionist media have repeatedly admitted that Hezbollah still has the upper hand in the north of the occupied Palestinian territories and that the Israeli army is trapped in this area.


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