High school teacher dies crushed and cut while trying to outrun the train in La Laguna

High school teacher dies crushed and cut while trying to outrun the train in La Laguna

A young teacher is crushed to death after trying to outrun the train in her vehicle.

The accident in which she lost her life, who responded to the name of Ana Eréndira Macías Aguilar, 24 years old and living in the Villas Jacarandas neighborhood of Torreón, occurred at 2:05 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon at the height of from the El memoria ejido, Durango.

It was detailed that the young teacher from the General Lázaro Cárdenas del Río secondary school, from the El Porvenir ejido in the municipality of Francisco I. Madero, was traveling in her Volkswagen brand vehicle Pointer line in gray color and license plates from the state of Coahuila at excess speed, through the streets of the El memoria ejido, Durango and upon reaching the tracks she tried to overtake the train, however, the Ferromex machine with number 467, guided by 32-year-old Pablo, overtook her, impacting the car and dragging it several meters, until the railroad managed to stop at the Provenir ejido, in the municipality of Francisco I. Madero.

There the vehicle ended up on the side of the road completely destroyed and the young driver was trapped inside, and upon receiving the brutal impact of the machine it severed one of her lower extremities.

Agents from the Coahuila Civil Police, the Municipal Police, as well as elements of the Fire Department and the Civil Protection unit immediately met at the scene of the accident and located the young woman trapped between the twisted iron bars of the car. which no longer had vital signs, so they cordoned off the area and began rescue maneuvers for the body.

Once they managed to recover the young woman’s body, the authorities began the search for the foot that was torn off by the machine, which they located 50 meters from where the impact occurred, locating other parts of the deceased’s body on the road.


Personnel from the Expert Services unit, elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency and the Public Prosecutor’s Office agent arrived at the scene to carry out the corresponding action and subsequently transfer the body to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (SEMEFO) for the autopsy. law with which the formal cause of death will be determined.


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