HINCAL ULUÇ – Atilla Köprülüoğlu

HINCAL ULUÇ – Atilla Köprülüoğlu

He is an Ankara journalist…

He has devoted 60 years to journalism…

Especially when the late Abdülkadir Yücelman was the Sports Director.

I was addicted to his wonderful articles on athletics and basketball in his column in Cumhuriyet.

His contributions to these two sports are unforgettable.

He was a Mulkiyeli (Faculty of Political Sciences).

“I wonder what he wrote today?” I always wondered.

He also presented the competition program “Sil Baştan” during the black and white days of TRT, which I remember. I wouldn’t miss it.

He also took part in football programs such as “Kale Arkası” and “90 Dakika” on private channels.

He also used to criticize television broadcasts in his column.

He was always a part of the magazine world and frequently wrote for magazines.

He had intellectual knowledge.

He had a brutally sharp pen and a unique writing style.

He never minced his words. He was a great master of polemics.

His laughter was famous, he was a Galatasaray fan, his dog’s name was; It was “CimBom”.

He would never take off his yellow-red scarf from around his neck. It is always said that “Football commentators’ explanation of their favorite team started with it”!


He moved to Sabah in 1990. Recently, he has written controversial articles in his column, which have haunted him from time to time – which I also criticized or disagreed with.

An example of this is

“What kind of peer pressure is this?”, written by Defne Joy Foster after her death. It was an article titled.

He attracted great reaction and was ordered to pay compensation in the lawsuit filed.

Again I remember; The mafia shot Uluç in the heel in 1994 because of one of his articles.


“He liked to write controversial articles and defend contrary views.

He was very cultured.

He, Doğan Hızlan and I grew up reading the white classics of MEB (Ministry of National Education)!

Continuing to write in Sabah, which had changed ownership and direction, cost him a lot of prestige.

He was a very good friend of mine…”

This is how Prof. Dr. Emre Kongar, Cumhuriyet Writer and commentator of the “18 Dakika” program on Tele1, shared his feelings after Uluç’s death.

İzzet Çapa is as follows: “Another page has closed in the Sublime Porte.

Hıncal Uluç passed away.

We once had conversations that lasted for hours, but he wrote such things in such places that we had nothing left to talk about.

Unfortunately it has aged poorly. Rest in peace.”

What can we say? Two spot on points…


Among the most colorful names of the media; was at the beginning.

He loved living life, having fun, and telling stories (especially from his birthplace, Kilis).

Hıncal Uluç always made a name for herself in the discussions she got into.

For better or worse, it has been recorded as a loss for the Turkish press.

An era also ended a year ago today….


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