Hospital doctors: the State wants to better regulate temporary contracts

Hospital doctors: the State wants to better regulate temporary contracts


The State wants to better regulate the use of temporary contracts for doctors in public hospitals, after an initial tightening last year on the remuneration of temporary practitioners, an official from the Ministry of Health said on Wednesday.

In April 2023, given the excesses observed in hospitals and at certain times of the year (vacations, public holidays, etc.), the government capped the remuneration of temporary hospital doctors at 1,390 euros gross for 24 hours.

A circumvention tool according to the ministry

In response, temporary doctors demanding contractual freedom called for a strike and assured that certain hospitals would be forced to close, due to failure to find practitioners capable of filling the holes in their schedules.

The movement was short-lived, but hospitals have since increased their recourse to a form of longer temporary contract, known as “type 2”, which the State does not view favorably either.

“We could see that in certain regions, not all, there was an increase” in these “type 2” contracts, explained Marie Daudé, general director of care provision at the Ministry of Health, on Wednesday during a a breakfast organized by Ajis (Association of Social Information Journalists).

This temporary contract, “in certain places, could have become a circumvention tool” of the cap on the remuneration of temporary workers and also attracted hospital practitioners who saw it as a more “attractive” contract than their original status, a- she regretted.

A regulatory text to come

A text was discussed with the trade union organizations and will be published “in the coming months,” said the ministry official. “The signal we want to send is that we are monitoring and trying to regulate this practice,” she said.

According to information from the newspaper Le Monde on Sunday, Burgundy-Franche-Comté, Normandy, New Aquitaine and Occitanie are the regions which recorded a sharp increase in these contracts. The remuneration ceiling for these temporary contracts is set at 119,130 ​​euros gross per year, i.e. above the thirteenth and final level of the scale for statutory hospital practitioners (112,416 euros gross per year).

“Salaries too high” compared to the average

We must “question” the increase in temporary nursing, also estimated Marie Daudé, pointing out “more and more temporary work for nurses with salaries that are too high compared to common law salaries, which create distortions in teams.”

“It would be good policy to do for the paramedical professions, and particularly nurses, what we did for doctors,” she said.


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