Hospitals in Gaza should not be put at further risk

Hospitals in Gaza should not be put at further risk

Kirby answered journalists’ questions at the daily press conference.

Regarding Israel’s increasing attacks around the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Kirby said, “We have been very clear about this. We have patients there, we have medical staff, there are innocent people whose lives are literally at risk. They should not be put at risk any more than they are right now.” said.

Drawing attention to the existence of civilians trapped in hospitals due to health problems, John Kirby said, “That’s why we don’t want to see conflicts in hospitals.” he said.

“I do not have specific intelligence on whether or to what extent Hamas is using the hospital in question (Indonesian Hospital),” Kirby said. he said.


Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby defended Israel regarding Haaretz newspaper’s claim regarding the deaths at the Nova Music Festival on October 7.

Kirby claimed that the newspaper report claiming that many people died as a result of Israeli fire at the festival was “not true”.

John Kirby, who did not provide any evidence, said: “Obviously it is not true. There was a mass paragliding landing at a music festival. So Israel had nothing to do with it.” He included his statements.


Haaretz newspaper had provided information about the security assessment made by Israeli security officials regarding the attack carried out by Hamas from Gaza on October 7.

In the assessment of senior Israeli security officials, based on the interrogation records of Hamas members and the police investigation into the incident, it was stated that Hamas had no prior knowledge about the music festival held near the Gaza Strip.

According to the news, the police investigation found that most of the festival attendees managed to escape because it was decided to stop the party half an hour before the first gunshot was heard.

The Haaretz news claimed that the investigation also revealed that an Israeli war helicopter shot civilians while firing on Hamas members, and made the following statements:

“According to a police source, the investigation also shows that an Israeli army combat helicopter that arrived at the scene and apparently opened fire on terrorists there also shot some festival attendees. According to the police, 364 people were killed at the festival.”


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