Hospitals in northern Gaza were out of service

Hospitals in northern Gaza were out of service

to report Jam Jam online“Ashraf al-Qadara”, the spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health, said today, Tuesday, November 21, in an interview with the “Al Jazeera” channel: Hospitals in the north of Gaza are completely out of service.

Al-Qadara added: the occupancy rate of Gaza hospitals reaches 190%. The Zionist regime bombed al-Shifa hospital and destroyed parts of it.

This Palestinian official continued: About 120 people were transferred from the Indonesian hospital to Nasser Hospital. Today, the Zionist regime has besieged the only dialysis hospital in Gaza.

In another part of the conversation, the spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health called for the safe passage of ambulances to transport hundreds of injured and the arrival of delegations and medical needs.

In the end, he clarified: the attacks of the occupiers against the Indonesian hospital are intensifying and they are falsifying evidence to prove their claims; They have placed the people inside the Indonesian hospital in the circle of death.

The aggression of the Zionist regime on Gaza continues today, for the 46th day, and Israeli fighters target hospitals, schools, and camps; The continuation of the attacks by the occupiers has caused the number of martyrs and wounded to rise and has disabled the health system in Gaza.

The Palestinian resistance forces also continue their field campaigns with the continuation of operations against the soldiers of the occupying regime in the north of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army announced that 2 soldiers were killed and 5 others were wounded during the clashes last night, and announced that the number of casualties in the ground attack has reached 70.


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