How much does a Buddy Valastro cake cost?

How much does a Buddy Valastro cake cost?

The news that Buddy Valastro closed one of his branches caused surprise, because since his show “Cake Boss” aired, the prosperity of his business was obvious and, although the other bakeries he has will remain open, Online sales have also become a success for “Carlo’s Bake Shop”, which in addition to offering personalized cakes with the most distinguished designs, also prepares all kinds of pastries, what is their cost?

“TMZ” published a story this Monday showing the facade of the Santa Monica branch of “Carlo’s Bake Shop” completely abandoned, with only a sign stuck in one of the windows announcing the auction of the machinery and utensils that had been there. inside the premises, which caught the attention of the pastry chef’s followers, however, it was just a false sister, since the closure of this store does not mean the bankruptcy of the business, on the contrary.

The last season of “Cake Boss”, through which Buddy and his family carried out the most magnificent cake designs for their most demanding clients, was recorded in 2017. From then on, little has been known about what happened with Valastro’s business, however, close sources assure that if the Santa Monica store closed it was because physical sales were no longer profitable, since the majority of customers at that branch preferred to place orders online.

In this way, the family of Italian-American origin chose to try their luck in Times Square, New York, one of the areas that receives the most tourists in the United States, because this month they will open a new store, because Buddy believes that December and its festivities They will attract diners to bring pastries, traditional for the season.

Since Buddy began to take charge of the family business, at the age of 17, after his father died from a stroke, he has had the vision that his pastry shops would grow, therefore, over the years his ability to make figures was perfected. in fondant icing, one of the ingredients he uses to carry out his creations, which produced acquired value in his preparations.

Valastro’s proposal was so effective that, for years, he earned the title of “one of the best cake designers in the United States”, to such an extent that it has been confirmed that the bakery, located in Hoboken, New Jersey, first store that his family opened, has been responsible for increasing tourism in the area.

But how much does a diner have to spend to try one of the cakes from “Carlo’s Bake Shop”?

On the official website of the bakery, all the available products appear, which can begin to be ordered from eight in the morning and until before 8:00 p.m., on weekdays, and 9:30 p.m. on weekends.

In the case of the cakes, among which they offer the apple crumb cake, pumpkin cake, and walnut cake, which has a price of 225 pesos.

Each cupcake is priced at 65 pesos, while the famous cannolis that were talked about so much on the program, a recipe of Italian origin, cost 100 pesos.

The cakes can be purchased by the slice, or complete, which is estimated to make enough to share with 25 people, depending on the ingredient; If it is chocolate and sprinkles it has a price of 1,720 pesos, the same as the vanilla confetti cake.

The rainbow cake, filled with sweet vanilla frosting and colorful sprinkles, costs 1,738 pesos.

There are also lower priced ones, because the portions serve fewer people, as is the case with the black and white, carrot, chocolate, red velvet cake, with a cost of 625 pesos, or the tiramisu cake, at 782 pesos.


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