How much is a suit? | Bob Homayun, more lonely than ever

How much is a suit?  |  Bob Homayun, more lonely than ever

Hamshahri Online – Marzieh Samrah Hosseini: The historical passage of Bab Humayun is a men’s suit store where you can find all kinds of suits for every taste, especially for young men who are about to become grooms. The important thing is that the price of suits in this market is lower than the shops in the city, and it is considered a suitable market for those who want to buy cheaper. But even though there are less than 20 days left until the night of Eid and many people are busy moving their houses and shopping for Eid, we see this line less crowded than expected.

How much is a suit for Homayun?

The clock shows around noon; We take a look at the suit shops in Bab Homayun. It is the middle of the day, but there is no vibrancy in the market and most of the shopkeepers are either chatting or standing in front of the shop waiting for customers. While looking at the windows, we don’t forget to ask the prices. The lowest price of a suit in Bab Humayun is related to the passages around the main row. In these passages, you can buy a suit for 1 million 500 thousand tomans. But the price of a good job in this regard is 4 to 6 million tomans. This is the average price of a suit in Bob Humayun, and 8 million and 10 million suits are also sold in this market. The price of a groom’s suit is about the same, and according to the sellers, the prices depend only on the fabric and the cost of sewing. Of course, if the producer has really imported fabric from Turkey and the work is completely Turkish, the price will be higher, but the important thing is that, according to experienced producers, there is not much Turkish fabric in the Iranian market.

Sewing a suit with kilo fabrics

One of the sellers tells us about the difference in the price of a suit: The price of a suit depends on the fabric and the cost of sewing. Because now people spend less money to buy items such as suits because of the high prices, there are also economic suits in the market, which of course are of poor quality and the fabric manufacturer buys them by the kilo. Of course, he also uses some brands and says: Some brands use low-quality imported fabric to sew their suits, but because they sew well with industrial machines, sometimes they sell them for a huge price of over 20 million Tomans, while their products It doesn’t last even a year, but the buyer buys it because it is a brand, while those who want to spend money on suits don’t buy our quality works, which cost less than 6 million tomans, because compared to brands, the price We are cheap.

Buying a prosperous floor from Balashahr

We enter another shop to inquire about the status of the Shab Eid market. Mr. Jalilvand welcomes us with an open face, but he doesn’t seem satisfied with the market situation near Eid: our sales are very low compared to the production we made for Eid night. The reason is that the middle and lower class who have to open the market do not have enough money to buy a suit and do not consider it as one of their necessary goods.

Of course, he also mentions the high cost of raw materials and says: Due to the high cost of raw materials, including fabric, suits have become more expensive than before. This seller, who according to himself has been in the business of producing and selling suits for several decades, also points to the change in people’s taste and buying style: There was a time when people were paid 100,000 Tomans and 20,000 Tomans were spent on suits. They used to buy them, but now people’s tastes have changed and they wear suits on special occasions. For the same reasons, sellers sometimes give strange discounts to customers so as not to reject the customer.

Welcoming Chinese fabrics

Mr. Kayseri has been working in this job for 50 years. He says: Our best sales period was the 80s and early 90s. But these days, the way people buy things has changed a lot, and because suits have become more expensive and people’s economic status has dropped, we are witnessing a drop in demand. Of course, apart from the high price, people’s taste has also changed and young people wear less classic clothes. Besides, now there are fewer ceremonies and parties and all this has caused our market to lose its past prosperity.

We ask him, has the suit fashion changed compared to the past? He says: The fashion has changed compared to before, but the style of the buttons and the color of the fabric have not changed much. We also ask him about the fabric of the suit; This veteran seller says about this: Currently, most of the fabrics are Iranian, which are of good quality, so it is sold as foreign (Turkish) fabric, but customers do not buy some designs and say that they are duplicates, so Chinese fabrics that have different designs. It is widely used and its quality is also good. But all the work is Iranian sewing.

How much is a suit?  |  Bob Homayun, more lonely than ever

How much is a child’s suit?

You can also buy suits for children in Bob Humayun Men’s Market. The price of children’s suits in this market is 1,500,000 to 3,000,000 tomans. Ghorbani, the seller of children’s suits, says: The prices vary according to the size of the child, but the minimum age is one year, and we have a single suit for a one-year-old child from 500,000 tomans. One-size-fits-all works are under one million tomans, but on average, a suit for the age group of 15-year-old children is between one million and three million tomans.

He also says about the quality of fabrics: some manufacturers use polyester or melange knit fabrics, which are not of good quality at all and are almost disposable, and although the price of their fabric is not 220 thousand tomans, but in the name of Turkish work, it costs up to 1,500,000 tomans and even more. They sell it. However, faston fabric is good for baby suits as it is like linen.

We ask this seller, who has been in this job for 20 years, now that Eid is near, how much do parents buy for their children? He replied: “Although our price is one-third of markets like Bahar and Sana’i, but due to the economic situation, now people don’t buy until the old clothes for their children shrink.” Anyway, we are waiting for the market to warm up in the days leading up to the New Year and we hope that our market will be more crowded as we get closer to Nowruz.

You can also buy shoes and shirts

If someone goes to Bob Humayun with a large pocket, apart from suits, he can also buy coats, singlets, shirts, ties and bow ties, cufflinks, belts and shoes to complete his shopping set. To buy shoes from Bob Homayun, if you buy leather shoes, the average price is from 900 thousand to more than 2 million tomans.

Foam shoes are cheaper and you can buy shoes for 400 thousand tomans. Men’s shirts are also available for 400,000 to 800,000 Tomans. The price of the belt is from 200 thousand to 700 thousand tomans. The 200 thousand toman belt is made of foam and the price of the leather belt is from 400 thousand to 700 thousand tomans.

Cufflinks are also sold in different brands such as Hublot, Cartier, Rolex, Polo, etc. The price of the most expensive cuff made of titanium is about 500 thousand tomans and the cheapest one made of steel is 250 thousand tomans. The price of a tie is 300 to 500 thousand tomans.


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