How to download YouTube videos?

How to download YouTube videos?

Youtube became known worldwide for offering great variety of videos to play from any device in different parts of the world. That is why it is one of the most visited platforms worldwide.

In any case, its use in most cases requires an Internet connection, which must be stable to maintain the continuity of the video and its quality, which can limit its users when they want to access certain clips.

In that sense, many wonder if it is possible to download the videos seen on the platform, which is one of the most visited worldwide. Many want to save their content in their mobile devices or computers to be able to access these at any time.

Next, different forms of download YouTube videosboth in the cell phone like in the computer.

By purchasing the service of monthly subscription multiple functions can be accessed such as viewing videos without ads and access exclusive content on the platform. Likewise, each YouTube premium user can discharge the clips in it mobile device to play them at any time and without having to connect to Internet. These contents can be viewed for 29 days and, if you wish to continue the reproductionit must be synchronized again.

To use this function, the following steps must be performed:

Those who wish to store content Youtube in their computers They can do it easily through different free web pages. These offer the advantage of not installing programs or applications to download videos, which could take up unnecessary space on the PC.

Some of these allow you to choose both the video format to download and its quality. To run this function, the device must have an internet connection and memory. Its use is simple, since it only requires copying the URL of the YouTube video desired and enter it on the site download. Some of the online services that offer this option are:

JDownloader It is a program available for discharge to Windows, macOS and Linux, which allows download YouTube videos to the computer. To use it, you must go to its official page and install it on your PC, following the steps offered by the site.

Its use is simple: it only requires an internet connection and having the URL of the desired content to insert it into the search field of your operating system. When locating the video, you must press the “Download” either “play”, which will store the content directly in a folder on your computer.

There are programs that allow you to download YouTube videos on your computer.Shutterstock – Shutterstock

It is possible to save Youtube videos on any mobile device from applications specially designed for this task. Since the Android cell phones apps can be accessed newpipe and snaptube. Those operating systems iOS programs like are available uYouPlus and TubeMate to download to your devices.

The steps to follow depend on each of these applications. Generally, its operation is similar to that of web pages, which requires inserting the URL of the video of Youtube. The downloaded files are accumulated in the mobile gallery.



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