How to find out your pension points and work experience? | Personal money | Money

How to find out your pension points and work experience?  |  Personal money |  Money

Russians can find out the number of accumulated individual pension coefficients (points) and work experience, as well as the size of their future pension at any time through the State Services portal, said. Dean of the Faculty of International Economic Relations of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Pavel Seleznev. To do this, on the State Services website or in the mobile application, you need to enter the request “pension calculator” to a search robot, which will redirect you to the desired page of the Social Fund of Russia (SFR).

After identification, the SFR will immediately provide all the information on the current situation with the calculation of the future pension, insurance experience, IPC and the amount of old-age payments. You will see how many years of experience or how many additional IPCs you need to accumulate before retirement age. In the “modeling the size of a future pension” section, you can include “northern length of service” or so-called “non-insurance” periods, for which pension points are also calculated.

“Non-insurance” periods include military service, caring for relatives with disabilities, and a child under one and a half years old. Moreover, for each subsequent child in the family, more points are awarded. For example, caring for the first child under 1.5 years old will add 1.8 points per year, for the second – 3.6 points, for the third – 5.4 points. Military service entitles you to an additional 1.8 credits for each year of service.

Caring for a disabled person of group I, an elderly person or a disabled child – 1.8 points per year, and the residence of military husbands or wives at the place of service under a contract in the absence of work – 1.8 points per year. This also includes spouses of diplomatic workers living abroad without work – 1.8 points per year.

In the section “Based on the desired pension size,” a person can set the amount he would like to receive after finishing his working career, and there also receive a calculation of how many years and at what minimum salary he needs to work to achieve his “dream pension.” The calculator takes into account the age of the person who requested the calculation and notifies if it is impossible to achieve the desired amount.


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