How to take care of house flowers in winter – 5 important rules

How to take care of house flowers in winter – 5 important rules

Indoor flowers need special care in the winter period. Plants experience great stress due to a decrease in sunlight, humidity and temperature changes. Owners must provide favorable conditions for the development of pots during the cold season.

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OBOZ.UA has found effective tips that will help you deal with it. Many indoor plants are accustomed to a tropical climate, so a sharp change in weather conditions negatively affects them.

In winter, flowers begin to grow more slowly due to a decrease in sunlight. They need time to adapt to the conditions and gather strength for the next flowering. Therefore, reduce watering to make it easier for the plant to overwinter.

A sufficient amount of light is the most important condition for the development and growth of flowers. Find a place in the apartment that gets the most sunlight. You can also buy a special lamp for growing plants.

The air temperature should not be lower than +15 degrees Celsius. Avoid hot batteries and strong drafts.

In winter, you should also stop frequent watering of the soil in the pots. During this period, the plant does not need a large amount of nutrients.

In the cold season, carefully inspect the indoor flowers in order to detect pests or the appearance of diseases in time. Because at this time the plant is weak and defenseless.

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