Hyeri’s SNS, meaningful background music ‘What does it mean’?… “Whatever you say, it’s up to me”

Hyeri’s SNS, meaningful background music ‘What does it mean’?…  “Whatever you say, it’s up to me”


Actress Hyeri from Girls’ Day recently uploaded photos of herself on her social media account, and the background music (BGM) she chose is becoming a hot topic.

Actress Hyeri from Girl’s Day (Instagram capture)

On the 2nd, Hyeri wrote ‘Outing in Seongsu-dong’ on her Instagram account and posted several photos (10) wearing Nike sneakers and all-black sporty outfit.

Hyeri chose ‘Kiss of Life’ member Natty’s solo song ‘Sugar Coat’ as background music along with the photo.

In particular, the part Hyeri chose was, “My self-judgment cannot be everything, right? (Omitted) I don’t hate it even if I don’t receive love from beginning to end. It contains lyrics such as “No matter what you say, just move, whatever I want.”

This can be interpreted as a response to Han So-hee’s recent post and then deleted post, raising fans’ curiosity.

Meanwhile, Hyeri recently became the center of public controversy by engaging in a war of words with Han So-hee in the process of denying her transit love relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol.

After the sighting of Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol on a Hawaiian date spread on the 15th of last month, dating rumors arose about the two. At this time, Hye-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol’s former lover, posted a meaningful message on social media saying, “It’s fun,” and suspicions about her transit love arose. Afterwards, Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee admitted that they were dating, and in the process, Han So-hee revealed her strong emotions and became controversial.

As if refuting Hyeri’s “It’s fun,” Han So-hee responded on social media by saying, “It’s fun for me too.” When she posted about her not being in a transit relationship, she also posted a photo of her dog holding a knife. This was the beginning of a mud fight. Afterwards, Han So-hee started a war of words with netizens, and she even directly mentioned the point of Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri’s breakup.

Afterwards, Han So-hee said, “It was boring and lame. I should have just stayed still, but I think I lost my temper for a moment and committed rudeness because I heard and saw various rumors and stories about my transfer. “She will apologize to him too,” she said, revealing that she would apologize to Hyeri, and closed her blog on the 17th of last month.

Actress Hyeri from Girl’s Day (Instagram capture)

The next day, on the 18th of last month, Hyeri also posted on her social media, “First of all, I sincerely apologize for the speculation and controversy that arose due to my personal feelings over the past few days. I had no idea what ramifications each of my small actions would have. “I sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed by me,” she apologized. In addition, “Four months later, after reading a new article (about Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee’s dating rumor), I felt like I was accepted as Lee Hye-ri, not actress Lee Hye-ri. “I’m sorry once again for causing harm due to a momentary emotion,” she said, bowing her head.

However, Han So-hee once again posted a public message about Hyeri. Han So-hee said, “(Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri) broke up exactly last year. It is true that they said their final goodbyes, wishing each other good health and well-being. (I am writing this sentence to clarify that it is not for the purpose of revealing my personal love life and that it is not a transfer.) I cannot say in detail about the ‘let’s meet in November’ written in my senior’s (Hyeri) apology letter as I am not the person involved, but I said let’s meet for the purpose of reunion. It wasn’t done. “If this is false, you can publish a rebuttal article, and please contact my senior who I couldn’t reach even if I tried to contact her in all directions,” she said, sending an open message to Hyeri.

The post was deleted after about 10 minutes, but it spread through social media and online communities. One day after Han So-hee posted this, Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee’s breakup became official.

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