I decided on the name of the party, but I couldn’t decide on the Chinese character for ‘homeland’… Chang Jun-wi “I may not use Chinese characters”

I decided on the name of the party, but I couldn’t decide on the Chinese character for ‘homeland’…  Chang Jun-wi “I may not use Chinese characters”

The preparation committee for the founding of the ‘New Fatherland Party’ decided on the party name ‘New Fatherland Party’ on the 29th… Central Party establishment confirmed on the 3rd of next month
Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk recently mentioned on the radio the possibility of the name being called ‘Jo Kuk’ rather than ‘Cho Kuk’.

The official name of the tentatively named ‘New Cho Kuk Party’ led by former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk was decided on the 29th to be ‘Cho Kuk Innovation Party’. Provided by the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of the New Cho Kuk Party.

The Preparatory Committee for the New Fatherland Party, which changed its name from the tentative name ‘New Fatherland Party’ to ‘The Fatherland Reform Party’ on the 29th, is still considering whether to use the Chinese character for ‘fatherland’.

An official from the Changjunwi said in a phone call with Segye Ilbo that day, “It is not necessary to use Chinese characters,” and “I think we only need to understand the approximate meaning of the name ‘Fatherland Innovation Party’ first.” He added, “The use of Chinese characters is not mandatory,” and “As (the founding of the Central Party) is on March 3, it may be decided (before then) whether to use Chinese characters or not (the use of Chinese characters).”

Previously, the National Election Commission disallowed the use of the name ‘New Fatherland Party’ on the grounds that explicitly including the names of active politicians may not fit the purpose and essence of the party. The National Election Commission did not allow the use of the name ‘Ahn Cheol-soo’s new party’ in 2020.

However, the National Election Commission explained to the party that this does not mean that the word ‘fatherland’ cannot be included in the party name at all. This means that, rather than the politician’s ‘Jo Kuk (曺國)’, ‘Jo Kuk (祖國)’, which refers to the country in which our ancestors have lived for generations, can be included in the party name. In addition, the National Election Commission is said to have informed the inquiry about the use of ‘Fatherland Democratic Reform (Party)’, ‘Fatherland Democratic Action (Party)’, and ‘Fatherland Citizen Action (Party)’ to the effect that it is ‘possible’.

Former Minister of Justice Cho Kuk, tentatively chairman of the talent recruitment committee for the ‘New Cho Kuk Party’, is speaking at the ‘New Cho Kuk Party Establishment Preparatory Committee Talent Recruitment Announcement Ceremony’ held at a movie theater in Dongjak-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 25th. yunhap news

Former Minister Cho appeared on MBC Radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Focus’ on the 26th and spoke in a way that clearly gave weight to the inclusion of the two letters ‘Chukuk’. Although the party name contest is being accepted from party members, it is expected that there will be considerable difficulty in revealing its presence if the name is suddenly changed from the ‘New Fatherland Party’, which is known through the media.

Former Minister Cho said, “We need to submit a party name that can be understood as our country’s fatherland, not a politician’s fatherland.” He added, “If we use the name Chokuk, we need to create a name rather than the person’s name, Cho Kuk, so we are consulting with the National Election Commission as well as within the party.” “He also mentioned. This means that there is a possibility that the party name will include ‘Joguk (祖國)’, which is described in dictionaries as ‘a country where our ancestors have lived for generations’, rather than his own name ‘Joguk (曺國)’.

In response to the host’s question, ‘Why do you have to include that (two letters, Cho Kuk)?’, former Minister Cho responded, “The people are already calling it the New Cho Kuk Party, so if I give it a completely different name, there is a possibility that the people will not be able to connect it (with me). “I decided there were a lot of them,” he answered. In response to an additional question asking, “Can it be understood as a party name that combines the two letters ‘fatherland’ and other words?,” former Minister Cho responded, “The party’s internal and party members are suggesting that we do so.”

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