I “got under my skin” for a year. A psychiatrist became a victim of the pseudo-psychologist El | People | Society

I “got under my skin” for a year.  A psychiatrist became a victim of the pseudo-psychologist El |  People |  Society

Arrested by the Lefortovo Interdistrict Court of Moscow, a “star” psychologist, an expert on popular talk shows on TV, refused to become an experienced swindler. Natalya El. Let us recall that on February 27 she was found guilty of fraud: the psychologist ingratiated herself with wealthy clients and offered to help them buy an apartment at a reduced price – they just had to pay her for the opportunity to get on the list of beneficiaries. The investigation proved that with the help of this scheme the woman stole more than 30 million rubles.

The media also found out that Natalya changed her last name twice and had already served time for fraud several years ago. Who is Natalia El, and how did she manage to deceive dozens of people?

A liar with 20 years of experience

According to the media, Natalya El, whose maiden name was Kozlova, and in the zone – Mikhailova, first announced herself as a fraudster in 2002. She was on the federal wanted list for a long time, and in 2010 she ended up in prison in Krasnoyarsk, from where she was released in 2017.

According to media reports, the woman changed her last name twice and changed her middle name once, pretending to be someone she is not. Thus, from Natalya Vasilievna Kozlova, she became Mikhailova, and then El Natalya Iosifovna. Under the new surname and patronymic, I had to change my image, buy a diploma in psychology and start earning back the money invested.

Natalya El before the transformation. Photo: social network

This is where the promotion of a personal brand began: creating pages on social networks, participating in talk shows. For example, one participation in a talk show as an expert costs approximately 30 to 50 thousand rubles, and then it’s a matter of technique. The main thing is to light up and get hooked. Natalya did it. She shone her face from the screens, drawing attention to her personality. Moreover, while filming, Elle expanded her circle of acquaintances: she gained confidence and invited promising clients to come to her for an interview. So the psychologist’s circle of acquaintances included businessmen, financiers, stock analysts and other figures who could be useful. And with money.

As a result, friendship enriched Natalya by 30 million rubles. And her charisma and reliable legend helped her in this. Elle came up with a story that she had influential patrons and friends who trusted her not only with their innermost secrets, but also with money for one profitable business, because the woman knew how to buy an apartment in Moscow for almost nothing. Clients took this bait. They say there were many of them. True, only seven reached trial.

Magic receipt

Lawyer for four victims Gyuzel Zhubanova told aif.ru that law enforcement agencies initially did not want to initiate a criminal case, but later they managed to achieve justice.

“Initially there were many statements from victims in different departments. It was possible to combine them into one case and achieve the initiation of a criminal case through numerous complaints,” said Guzel.

She explained that it was difficult to get the case going because of Natalya’s competent approach to fraud. She gave her victims a receipt stating that she was borrowing money at interest, without indicating that the funds were needed to purchase apartments at a reduced price. Therefore, it all came down to civil law relations.

Candidate of Legal Sciences, head of the Moscow Bar Association “Karabanov and Partners” Alexander Karabanov explained to aif.ru that some scammers specifically write receipts to prevent the victim from initiating a criminal case.

“Some scammers write receipts for supposedly borrowed money, recklessly assuming that thanks to the receipts it will be possible to transfer the crime into a civil dispute,” Karabanov said. “But they do not take into account that if there are several victims, the investigation qualifies this action as a fraudulent scheme with the subsequent initiation of a criminal case.”

By the way, the trial in El’s case lasted two years. The total damage of the victims who went to court amounted to more than 16 million.

“Taking into account the position of the prosecutor and the presence of a dangerous relapse in the defendant’s actions, the court sentenced El to 8 years and 6 months in prison to be served in a general regime correctional colony. The court also satisfied the civil claims of the victims,” the prosecutor’s office said.

Scammed a colleague

One of the victims of Natalya’s clever manipulations was her “colleague” – a media psychiatrist and narcologist. Vasily Shurov. He spoke publicly about how Elle pulled off her scheme on him.

Arkady Khoralov.

“I first met Natalia El in the fall of 2019 – on the set of a famous talk show, in the dressing room. At that time, Natalya was known as a successful Moscow psychologist. She worked with famous people and regularly appeared on TV,” Shurov wrote on social networks.

The acquaintance began simply. Natalya herself approached Shurova and offered to cooperate under the pretext that she had patients who needed the help of a more experienced specialist – a doctor. That’s how the communication began. Elle regularly called Vasily, talked about her successes, asked about her family and children – “she got under his skin.”

A year and a half passed in such easy communication. After this time, the man received an interesting offer – Natalya suddenly shared that she owed her financial success not to psychology, but to a closed club. In addition to the influential circle of acquaintances, the club also distributes luxury real estate among its members at reduced prices. You just need to make a down payment for the apartment, and the rest will be done when you move into the apartment and complete the paperwork. This is how Shurov lost his money.

Not the first, not the last

Unfortunately, during the development of social networks and increasingly popular areas of development of emotional intelligence, people began to actively engage in self-development, taking as mentors not professionals, but well-promoted media personalities. “Successful success” forces you to close your eyes and not ask awkward questions about your education and qualifications. In other words, the ability to present yourself and sell yourself competently has become more important than professionalism.

Pensioner from Moscow Nadezhda Bogdanova.

“I know a “psychologist” who, having entered the first year of university for a fee at an adult age, immediately began advertising her services. And the people went! The husband quit his job and became its financial director. Madam is currently traveling to Rio. Those who know that she is not a professional, but a fraudster, also follow her social media. networks, because they are both amazed and envious,” writes a network user.

And there are thousands of such comments.

It all starts with an invitation to free webinars, where, of course, talented acting and a well-written script can easily sell unnecessary services.

“Try to analyze the activities of this pseudo-psychologist. She conducts free webinars on Zoom, talks nonsense and lures people into her paid courses for hundreds of thousands of rubles. This is how a psychologist earns hundreds of millions of rubles by deception, promoting his pseudo-psychology. Quantum psychology, astrogenetics, neurobiopsychology – this is the pseudoscience that she promotes,” shares another user.

And people go for it – they buy courses in a beautiful wrapper for fabulous money, wanting to be as developed, worked out and without injuries, in order to achieve that mysterious and unattainable “success” and live the life of their dreams, as the pseudo-psychologists on the screen promise.


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