I play in an online casino: what are the real chances to win and what you need to know | Macroeconomics

I play in an online casino: what are the real chances to win and what you need to know |  Macroeconomics

It is impossible to win in an online casino, and the operator can interfere in the game – one of the common myths about the gambling market. In fact, the operator only buys the game from a provider that has a certificate and passed the test. At the same time, in the characteristics of the game, everyone can find out how much money is returned to players on bets.

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OBOZ.UA with the sponsor of the column “Safe Gambling” Vulkan Casino continues a series of publications about the rules of safe gambling, as well as about the myths that have formed around the casino. This time we will talk about the chances of winning and why playing in a casino should not be perceived as an opportunity to get rich.

Online casinos do not independently produce games and do not interfere in their work (this is technically impossible). They purchase software from providers that provide technical specifications. One of the most important characteristics for players is Return to player (RTP). This is the percentage on bets that is returned to the player.

For example, Vulkan Casino offers 5 thousand games (from 70 providers) with an average RTP of 96.2%. That is, on average, from every UAH 100, the player should return UAH 96.2. But someone does not get anything back, and someone wins thousands of times more than their bet.

“If you want to play for the sake of winning, forget about it. Playing is fun, just a fan. And winning can be a nice bonus. I play with friends on Fridays several times a month. We get together, go to the online casino site and then choose one and the same game and we check who’s more fartov. Once I won 5 thousand, but in general, of course, it’s not about earnings,” says the player Nikolay.

Vulkan Casino buys games from PragmaticPlay, Endorphina, Evoplay, Betsoft, Amatic, Gamzix, CT Gaming and many others. It is the providers who have access to the characteristics of the game, not the online casino.

I play in an online casino: what are the real chances of winning and what you need to know

First, it is not profitable for the provider. He will lose his name and people will stop buying games from him. Secondly, any licensed game provider must obtain an RNG certificate (Random Number Generator). And if the game is tweaked in favor of the casino, the provider will not receive such a certificate.

This document is a guarantee of the fairness of the game and gives confidence that each spin is a random event and cannot be manipulated in favor of the casino. Moreover, the presence of an RNG certificate is one of the requirements for obtaining a gambling license.

That is, in a casino that operates legally and has a license, all games will be from verified providers with the appropriate certificate.

This is how the player’s psychology works. If someone wins, he is sure that this is his achievement. But they often want to blame the “adjustment” of games for the loss. Although in fact a random number generator works, which is impossible to manipulate,” explains Yevgeny Kryukov, CMO of Vulkan Casino.

I play in an online casino: what are the real chances of winning and what you need to know

At the same time, among online casinos, there are indeed vices. They can use any software and cheat their players. All these casinos do not have Ukrainian licenses or claim a license from another country, which cannot be verified and do not provide the necessary guarantees to the player.

When online casinos first appeared, control over them was weaker or completely absent. Old stories and stereotypes about these times are still alive and contribute to the spread of myths. Although in fact, thanks to the legalization of gambling in Ukraine, any player can easily check whether the operator has a license. This information is posted on the casino website, and you can check it on the official website of KRAIL (Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries).

It is important to remember: an online casino is an opportunity to have fun, get new emotions, try your luck, and not a way to get rich quickly. Only a responsible game can bring pleasure.


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