“ICONCRAFT” joins in celebrating 5 years of “ICONSIAM” with exclusive works from leading Thai craft artists and designers.

“ICONCRAFT” joins in celebrating 5 years of “ICONSIAM” with exclusive works from leading Thai craft artists and designers.

ICONCRAFT, a space for the most creative craftsmanship of Thai people. Moving forward to Empowering Thai Craftsmen to The World, creating a wow phenomenon with the most exclusive handicrafts from 10 Thai artists, designers and craftsmen That was intended to be created on the occasion of the 5th anniversary celebration of ICONSIAM, ICONSIAM – The 5th Anniversary of the ICON Unrivaled, ready to be displayed for lovers of premium handicrafts to view and shop at ICONCRAFT, 4th floor- 5 ICONSIAM and
3rd floor, Siam Discovery

To join in the grand celebration worthy of being a paradise for craft lovers at ICONSIAM for the past 5 years, ICONCRAFT has gathered together a variety of creative works filled with the wisdom of Thai artisans. Brands for those interested to browse and shop until the 4th and 5th floors of ICONSIAM are filled. There will be an exhibition showcasing special collections celebrating 5 years of ICONCRAFT and ICONSIAM from 10 craft brands. both top level and new faces worth keeping an eye on in Thailand It is a highlight that creates excitement for craft shoppers. These works can be admired only at IconCraft. All 10 brands include:

AYODHYA celebrates with the Celebration collection.
“AYODHYA” is known as a home decoration brand that takes the natural fibers of “water hyacinth” and expands them with handicrafts. It is designed to be unique and attractive. This time the brand has presented the Celebration collection that represents celebration. To join in congratulating ICONCRAFT and ICONSIAM on 5 years of great success. The specialty of this collection is It is an art of embroidery on fabric created by autistic children and orphans in Phrae Province. They chose to take leftover fabric from the factory and transform it into a beautiful piece with meaning and the only one in the world. Therefore, it is suitable as a gift for this celebration.

Galerie De Himmapan showcases one of the most exclusive works in the world.
A brand that aims to convey the beauty of Thai artisanship, “Galerie De Himmapan” presents beautifully crafted “Lotus Pond” cushions. By using embroidered fabric depicting a lotus pond made by Muslim housewives in the southern region of the Arts and Crafts Promotion Foundation. Let’s make it into a pillow. Mixed with a beautiful piece of silk. Then additionally embroidered with the gold thread technique of the Thai royal court. Decorate insect wings over the edge. It is a beautiful cushion and the only one in the world. This is a special treat made especially to celebrate IconCraft and ICONSIAM.

HATSAYA and “Your Flowers” ​​reflect beautiful growth.
As for “HATSAYA”, a chic brand that takes benjarong work and transforms it into beautiful jewelry in a minimalist style, but with a classic and luxurious touch. Comes with a special collection “Your Flowers” ​​inspired by the fertile soil. Main raw materials for producing Benjarong which can grow flowers to flourish as well Therefore, it was created as a flower-shaped ornament. They chose to design it as a Bird of Paradise flower, including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. To convey prosperity Just like Icon Craft and Icon Siam, which have grown beautifully over the past 5 years.

KH PROJECT celebrates 5 years with 5 elephants.
Childhood bond with the catchy elephant song It inspired the brand “KH PROJECT” to design the collection “Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant. Have you ever seen an elephant?” by combining the word elephant that croaks 5 times with the 5th anniversary of Icon Siam The designs include shirts, pants, bags, hats, and chairs printed with elephant graphics in an unusual image. It still maintains the brand’s identity that emphasizes contemporary craftsmanship, fun, and accessibility. By combining Thai craftsmanship or art with cutting-edge modernity. So that ordinary people can touch it in their daily life.

LIVE LIFE DETAIL Join in the congratulations with the sparkling stars.
“LIVE LIFE DETAIL” is a jewelry and home decoration brand that stands out by using the Thai royal court’s silver and gold embroidery techniques to create beautiful patterns on velvet fabric. Comes in the starry collection “The Dazzling Light”, creating a feeling of celebration with the brilliance of dazzling stars. It is a collection of jewelry that is full of the uniqueness of Thai craftsmanship but with a contemporary twist. It’s also beautiful and eye-catching. It is most suitable for this time of joy.

MAMAWELL cares for the world with brightly colored eco-friendly bags.
“MAMAWELL,” a handmade fashion bag brand that uses fabric scraps from swimsuit sewing in industrial factories. Created through the design process And use an environmentally friendly production process in every step, becoming a sustainable fashion that is cool and that everyone who sees it will want to use it. This time MAMAWELL comes with a Matchup Bag model that is intended to use fabric scraps to string through the mesh holes using crochet. It’s a unique style. Until it turned out to be a colorful fashion bag. Stylish crafts that suit every style.

METEEDECHA hand-crafted ceramics reflect the image of love.
Handmade ceramic brand from the heart “METEEDECHA” stands out with beautiful, eye-catching patterns. Reflects the love and warmth of the hometown community. both natural leaf prints and Primitive Art style, presenting the femininity of villagers and simple yet beautiful vernacular architecture. Add interest with unique designs and various techniques. such as mixing soil with rough bricks Decorate the workpiece with wood or brass. Including the most advanced oxide coating technique. It is a unique and outstanding ceramic work. It is worth having in your possession.

THANIYA set of perfumes and home decorations to enhance auspiciousness
“THANIYA” is a fragrance and ceramics brand that combines porcelain techniques based on the wisdom of artisans with contemporary Thai patterns. It has become a Modern Contemporary style piece that is popular with world-class luxury brands like CHANEL and Louis Vuitton. Celebrate Icon Craft and Icon Siam with the “Mongkol, Wealthy, Prosperity” collection (Majestic Spirit and Prosperity). Collection) that brings together 5 auspicious animals, including dragons, tigers, koi fish, horses, and goldfish, which have the meaning of good luck and wealth. Let’s tell a story through the brand’s signature pattern on scented candle glasses. Bottle with essential reeds and ceramic products to send happiness Best wishes to IconCraft. as well as those who receive gifts during the upcoming festival of giving

WISHULADA presents Teddy Bear to reduce global warming
When the celebration season comes with the idea of ​​saving the world that recognizes the importance of the waste problem that affects the environment, “WISHULADA” Sustainable Fashion brand has created a work of art from waste materials as a “Teddy Bear” obtained from a bag of liquid. Bring laundry and snack bags to Up-Cycle to campaign for everyone to see the value of leftovers. Create awareness of mindful consumption Reduce waste creation Know how to separate waste and recycle it through creative processes. This will help reduce incineration that causes greenhouse gases and global warming.

YOTHAKA with 4 masterpieces in the latest collection.
“YOTHAKA” is a Thai craft furniture brand that is internationally famous. Outstanding by bringing handicrafts to create with style. But still clearly retains its eastern flavor. Its exquisite craftsmanship is used by luxury hotels and resorts and boutiques around the world. In addition, some of the works have been selected to be exhibited in foreign museums in both Korea and Japan. with ICONCRAFT as a space to present its work to Thai customers. On this occasion, YOTHAKA presents 4 masterpieces DRAMA CHAIR, CHAMJURI CHAIR, MAMAR DINING CHAIR and SAVANNAH CHAIR that were specially created and displayed only at Icon Craft

There are also many handcrafted brands from Thai artists, designers, and craftsmen. which is ready to present a special collection to celebrate with ICONCRAFT and ICONSIAM As well as providing happiness and joy through unique handicrafts. Let everyone experience the charm of Thai craftsmanship and wisdom. Come join us in supporting the creativity of Thai people at ICONCRAFT, 4th-5th floor, ICONSIAM, and 3rd floor, Siam Discovery. You can choose to view additional products from the “ONESIAM SuperApp” application or ask for additional information by calling 1338 or www.iconsiam.com.


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