If he wins the presidency.. Hazem Omar: For the first 100 days, the citizen will feel lower prices

If he wins the presidency.. Hazem Omar: For the first 100 days, the citizen will feel lower prices

Shaima Rizk

Published on: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 1:46 AM | Last updated: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – 1:46 AM

Presidential candidate Hazem Omar said that he has a plan to build a strong Egyptian economy within 3 years, not affected by shocks, if he wins the position of President of the Republic.

He added during a special interview on the program “On My Responsibility”, presented by journalist Ahmed Moussa, and broadcast on the “Sada El Balad” channel, on Monday evening, that there are three goals for reforming the Egyptian economy in a structural and comprehensive manner, by increasing industrial, agricultural and extractive production, and raising the efficiency of using available resources. To achieve optimal use, eliminate or reduce loss and waste from all arteries and sectors of the Egyptian economy.

He pointed out that achieving these goals can be achieved by working on 8 sectors and reforming them, at the forefront of these reforms is the public finance structure and reducing the budget deficit that pushes the state into debt, and tax restructuring with a perspective of social justice, noting that taxes on some luxury and entertainment goods will be reduced, and not the basic.

He pointed out that during the first 100 days, if he wins the presidency, the citizen will feel a decrease in prices on several commodities, represented by the cancellation of the 14% tax on legumes and some dairy products, except for imported luxury cheeses, in addition to red and imported meat, except for luxury ones, as well as groups of vegetables and fruits. In addition to rice, oil and pasta.


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