IGAI opens case over police who killed man who robbed and kidnapped him

IGAI opens case over police who killed man who robbed and kidnapped him


The General Inspectorate of Internal Administration (IGAI) confirmed that it opened a case against the PSP agent who shot dead a man who allegedly robbed and kidnapped him, on Monday.

“A process was opened to investigate the circumstances in which a firearm was used, resulting in death”, IGAI told the Lusa agency.

The Attorney General’s Office confirmed, also in a response sent to the Lusa agency, the opening of an investigation that is taking place at the Department of Instruction and Criminal Action (DIAP) in Lisbon.

On Monday, an official source from the PSP had said that the PSP agent, who belongs to the Personal Security Corps of the Special Police Unit, would be the target of a disciplinary process, continuing to perform functions in the support area, not being in the operational activity.

The Judiciary Police is investigating the case. Remember that, according to the PSP agent’s report, he was approached by an armed man, accompanied by a woman, when he was in his private vehicle. He was forced by the suspects to go to an ATM and then to his home.

Already at his residence, in Benfica, the police managed to access his service weapon and fatally shot the man, while the woman remained outside the building, ending up being arrested when the authorities were called.

The woman was, however, heard in court, and the coercive measure of preventive detention was applied to her.


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