Ile-de-France: the gang scoured the region to steal catalytic converters

Ile-de-France: the gang scoured the region to steal catalytic converters

Everyone has their own specialty. For them, it was the catalytic converters that they stole from vehicles during the raids they carried out throughout Ile-de-France and elsewhere. Seven Georgian nationals were arrested and brought before the Melun court with a view to being tried in immediate appearance. Their trial will finally take place on March 15. While awaiting the hearing, one of the suspects was placed in pre-trial detention, while the six others were released under judicial supervision.

It all started last November with the opening of a preliminary investigation following an increase in thefts of catalytic converters in Seine-et-Marne, prized for the precious metals that compose them such as Rhodium for example.

60,000 euros in damage

The investigations carried out by the gendarmes of the Fontainebleau research brigade made it possible to trace two suspects, domiciled in Essonne. Their colleagues from the research section of Versailles (Yvelines), who were also investigating similar facts, also spotted teams of thieves, a concealment network of which was also discovered in Val-d’Oise.

Once all their “targets” had been identified, the soldiers decided to take action on February 6. Two men are arrested in a hotel in Essonne with equipment used for dismantling exhaust pipes. Five others were arrested in Val-d’Oise, while returning from a raid in eastern France. In their vehicles there were 24 catalytic converters. In total, 29 flights were attributed to this network, for a total damage of 60,000 euros.


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