In action during Galungan, a mugging recidivist was kicked by residents and then beaten by the crowd

In action during Galungan, a mugging recidivist was kicked by residents and then beaten by the crowd


The perpetrator of the mugging, I Made Sumerta alias Liong, is now being held at the South Denpasar Police Headquarters. (BP/Special)

DENPASAR, – When she was about to pray for the Galungan holiday in front of her house, the necklace of Ni Made Wardani (68) was snatched by a recidivist, I Made Sumerta alias Liong (49) on Jalan Raya Sesetan, South Denpasar (Densel), Wednesday (28/ 2). However, residents who saw the incident immediately kicked the perpetrator until he fell off the motorbike and was then beaten by the crowd.

Before taking action at the crime scene, it turned out that the perpetrator launched his action on Jalan Tegal Wangi, Sesetan and succeeded in snatching a cellphone. Densel Police Chief Commissioner Ida Ayu Made Kalpika Sari explained that when the perpetrator snatched her necklace, the victim immediately shouted snatch.

Meanwhile the perpetrator tried to escape. Hearing the victim’s screams, a resident blocked him and kicked the perpetrator’s motorbike until it fell. The crowd immediately beat the perpetrator until he was black and blue.

A few minutes later members of the Densel Police arrived and arrested the perpetrator. “We have arrested the perpetrator of the mugging. Still investigating this case, it turns out that the perpetrator is a recidivist and has been arrested twice in the South Denpasar area. Finally, the perpetrator acted in West Denpasar in the same case. “The perpetrator has only been out of prison for a few days,” stressed Kompol Kalpika.

The method, according to the former Dawan Police Chief, Klungkung, was that initially the perpetrator stalked the victim. Feeling that there was the right opportunity, the perpetrator immediately took action. “The perpetrator was attacked by the crowd. Our members quickly secured the perpetrator from the rampage of the mob. “Currently the perpetrator has been detained at the South Denpasar Police for further investigation,” he said.

Evidence was seized from the perpetrator: a gold necklace and pendant, a DK 6183 PM motorbike which was used during the action and a cellphone which was snatched on Jalan Tegal Wangi, Sesetan. “The perpetrator is subject to Article 365 of the Criminal Code concerning theft with violence which carries a maximum sentence of nine years in prison,” said Kalpika. (State Paper/balipost)


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