In one of the major Ukrainian cities, apartments have risen sharply

In one of the major Ukrainian cities, apartments have risen sharply

In Uzhgorod, in dollar terms, prices for apartments have risen by 20% since the beginning of the full-scale war, while the opposite trend is observed in most regional centers. At the same time, the rent has increased several times. Increased demand is observed against the background of the absence of a curfew and missile attacks from the Russian Federation.

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This is stated in the OBOZ.UA material. Elena Birovchak, an experienced realtor in Uzhhorod, tells OBOZ.UA: after the start of a full-scale war, prices soared several times. Apartments in the center began to be rented for 450 dollars a monthalthough before a full-scale war, even taking into account the old dollar rate, such a price seemed impossible.

“When the Great War began, a new building in the center cost 450 dollars, now it costs 350 dollars, and before the Great War it was 250 dollars. The price increased 2-3 times, but then it decreased a little,” says the realtor. The demand for real estate is still higher than before the full-scale war.

If earlier real estate was rented primarily by students, now the main clients are immigrants. There are families who move on the eve of the heating season, expecting shelling in their cities, but there are few of them, adds Oksana Stanko, an expert on the real estate market in Uzhhorod.

According to Stanko, now an apartment in a new building can be rented for 12 thousand. UAH We are talking about a one-room apartment in a panel or Khrushchev block. Moreover, judging by real estate rental sites, Apartments with the same area in new houses are rented out for 16-18 thousand. UAH For example, a one-room apartment on ul. Kapushanskaya (new building) with an area of ​​40 square meters is for rent for 500 dollars. For the same price, they are asking to rent an apartment on ul. Belinsky (apartment in a new building with an area of ​​45 square meters).

Transcarpathia is the only Ukrainian region where there is no curfew. Russian missiles almost never reach here, local ones ignore air alarms. The war is remembered only by soldiers who returned from the front during a short leave, hundreds of thousands of displaced persons, and farewells to fallen heroes.

Relative security and the absence of a curfew created conditions for the real estate market to flourish. After the start of a full-scale war, rent prices doubled. Now the situation has stabilized, but the cost of housing still remains at a level that sometimes exceeds the capital price. Prices for the sale of apartments also increased.

As OBOZ.UA previously wrote, the cost of apartments in Ukraine was recalculated. Prices are gradually rising throughout the country. The situation has radically changed.

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