In Paris, the limited traffic zone will be put in place after the Olympics

In Paris, the limited traffic zone will be put in place after the Olympics

Motorists crossing Paris can rest assured: the traffic difficulties announced by the Minister of Transport Clément Beaune during the 2024 Olympic Games will not be supplemented by the limited traffic zone desired by Paris City Hall. “This ZTL should be effective during 2024 in the second half of the year,” announces David Belliard, the deputy (EELV) in charge of transport.

“We have accepted that the entry into force of this limited traffic zone can take place after the Olympic and Paralympic Games,” underlines Anne Hidalgo. “But the day after the games, it is a question of implementing this ZTL,” specifies the mayor of Paris.

A scope still under discussion

The project of this vast perimeter prohibited to transit traffic was launched at the start of Anne Hidalgo’s second mandate. Very quickly, the town hall was confronted with a lot of reluctance from the mayors of right-wing districts as well as the police headquarters. And the project ultimately had to be scaled back.

Initially, the ZTL was to extend on both sides of the Seine on the right bank and the left bank. Today, it is only a question of a limited traffic zone concentrated on the right bank and Paris-Centre. An effort praised by Police Prefect Laurent Nuñez.

However, the negotiation phase is not completed between the Paris City Hall and the boss of the Île de la Cité. Because if the city has accepted that the ZTL only concerns the central districts of the right bank, it would like the ban on transit traffic to concern the high quays of this bank.

“It is necessary to calm down this traffic axis, make bus traffic more fluid and create a continuous cycle path,” insists David Belliard, the deputy in charge of public space. “The request we made is to have the largest possible area which would include the high quays and the Sully bridge,” specifies Ariel Weil, the mayor (PS) of Paris Center. A point on which discussions do not seem to have been completed with the police headquarters.

The terms of access to this area remain to be defined

“I am not here to defend or oppose in principle a development project,” assures the prefect of Police, Laurent Nuñez. “I only act within the framework of my skills which are to ensure that on the so-called axes sensitive or the axes necessary for the good circulation of emergency vehicles, there will be no obstacle or embarrassment to traffic”, recalled the latter in mid-November while addressing Parisian elected officials during questions of news from the Paris Council.

“The investigation continues in a constructive climate,” nevertheless underlined the head of the police headquarters, who specified that the modalities of access to this ZTL will be discussed later.


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