In the Russian Federation, the dog of the “United Russia” deputy severely maimed a child – UNIAN

In the Russian Federation, the dog of the “United Russia” deputy severely maimed a child – UNIAN

The owner of the animal refused to financially support the child during the treatment.

In Saratov, the dog of the “United Russia” deputy attacked a 6-year-old child, biting off a piece of his cheek and the skin on the back of his head. The owner of the animal refused to help the victim’s family.

As “Ostorozhno, novosti” reports, the incident occurred in the summer, when 6-year-old Platon periodically spent time with his grandmother at the dacha near Saratov. On the morning of August 11, the child’s father again brought him outside the garden. The boy decided to look at the neighboring plot, where his friend – the grandson of deputy Ivan Egorushkin – lived.

Deputy Egorushkin /

According to the channel, Platon saw that there was no one at home and returned home, but he was attacked by a dog of the Akita-Inu breed.

“Plato was friends with Egorushkin’s grandson, they don’t have a fence or an aviary. When he saw that there was no one at home, he turned back. At that moment, the dog grabbed the back of his head and tore off part of the skin. When Platon turned his face, he tore off part of his cheek,” – says the mother of the injured boy.

Traumatized child /
Traumatized child /

The boy was taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed wounds in the child’s neck, cheeks, back of the head, and abrasions on the chest. According to the relatives, at first the deputy Egorushkin offered to pay for the “ward” in the hospital, but then changed his attitude: when the family offered to pay for Platon’s rehabilitation, he said that he would do it only according to the court’s decision. The police refused the parents to initiate a criminal case after the investigation. The first state examination established that the boy received minor injuries. Now the family is waiting for a second one.

Platon goes to a psychologist and for physiotherapy, the boy underwent a skin transplant. The dog tore out a piece of his cheek along with part of the muscles and nerves, so the scar after the skin transplant began to pull the skin and the eye – it may stop closing, and you will have to do a brace so as not to lose your sight.

The psychologist notes that the boy is deeply troubled by the issue of the animal attack, and it will take him years to process this trauma. The deputy continues to refuse to help the family of the injured child.

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