Instituto’s 1×1 in their defeat in the Argentine Cup

Instituto’s 1×1 in their defeat in the Argentine Cup


Instituto stumbled unexpectedly this Wednesday and fell 2 to 1 against Talleres de Remedios de Escalada. Thus, he was left out of the Argentine Cup.

Below is a review of the individual performances of the Gloria players.

ROFFO 5. He participated little in the game. The first goal was a penalty and in the other there was the feeling that he could have done something more by going out to cut the center.

CERATO. He played very few minutes and was injured due to muscle discomfort. He participated with a cross in Bay’s goal play.

CABRERA 5. Some inaccuracies with the ball at his feet. He won and lost alike. At the end Tello scored the tying goal.

ALARCON 5. He didn’t have any major problems with the brand. He had a chance to convert with a header. Towards the end of the game he received a hard foul, reacted badly and was sent off.

BRIZUELA 4. Another weak game for the former Vélez. He committed the penalty that led to the 1-1. He is still far from the good level that he showed when he arrived at Instituto.

BAY 6. He projected himself every time he could and thus scored the first goal of the match. Well on the brand, the best of Glory.

BOCHI 5. Discreet performance. He gave a hand in the recovery, he always tried to play with one touch. He complied without showing off.

LODIC 6. The person in charge of cleaning up the game and always giving the ball to a teammate. He dared to try from distance on a couple of occasions with good shots.

S. RODRÍGUEZ 5. He showed some interesting starts but always looked for the individual. He was close to the goal in the second half.

SUAREZ 6. He combed the ball to set up Bay for the first goal. Then they took him second on the line. And in the second half he scored a great goal but he was in an advanced position.

ROSEMARY 4. Things are still not working out for “Chino”. He finds it annoying. It was difficult for him to unbalance. His contribution was some precise passes.


Hard hit. Argentine Cup: Instituto was turned around and was left out after losing to Talleres de Escalada

FRANK 5. He entered for the injured Cerato. He played almost as an “8″ but failed to score decisive crosses. The usual desire, not much more.

RUSSO. He had the tie at the close but couldn’t convert.

NECK. A header that passed close. Not much more.

ACEVEDO. He played as a winger but did not create imbalance on the wings.


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