Interest-free loans to retirees from 6 banks!

Interest-free loans to retirees from 6 banks!

Six banks shook hands. An agreement was reached to provide interest-free loans to retirees. So what should retirees do to get an interest-free loan?

News that will make retirees smile came from Yapı Kredi, Akbank, QNB Finansbank, İş Bankası, Enpara and Garanti BBVA. 6 banks agreed to provide interest-free loans.

Banks offer interest-free cash advances and loans in amounts ranging from 10 thousand TL to 25 thousand TL.


To benefit from the campaign, it is necessary to download the mobile application of a bank that is not a customer and apply via mobile phone. This process increases the opportunity to receive financial support by providing an easy and accessible method for retirees who are not customers.



ENPARA: It offers a fee-free and interest-free loan with a limit of 10 thousand lira.

CONSTRUCTION LOANS: He started a campaign that started with a limit of 15 thousand liras and reached 20 thousand liras by giving an additional 5 thousand liras.


AKBANK: 20 thousand lira interest-free cash advance for new customers.

QNB FINANSBANK: A total of 20 thousand lira is divided into interest-free financing, cash advance and loan.


İŞ BANKASI: Interest-free cash advance campaign with a limit of 20 thousand lira.

GARANTI BBVA: It offers the highest limit of the campaign: 25 thousand lira in total.


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