International SOS reveals that global crises will undermine employee well-being in 2024 – Bangkok Today news agency

International SOS reveals that global crises will undermine employee well-being in 2024 – Bangkok Today news agency

Survey results show experts 80% expectBurnoutIt has a heavy impact on the organization.

Bangkoketc. – Crisis upon crisis around the world tends to This will continue into 2024 due to extreme weather conditions and intensifying instability around the world. These are all factors that affect various organizations.

This situation has resulted in increased burnout among employees. International SOS Global Risk Trends Report 2024 (2024)International SOS The latest edition of the Risk Outlook Report 2024 shows that 80% of senior global risk experts surveyed expect that Burnout will have a significant impact on business in 2024, but only 41% of respondents feel that Their organizations are prepared to deal with such situations.

The report also provides a detailed overview of some of the key risks facing organizations in 2024, including the climate crisis. The Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Changing Employee Expectations and unrest problems around the world

Sally Llewellyn, Director of Global Security for International SOS, said: “Organizations will face many risks in 2024 as insecurity continues. It is a critical issue for the global security environment. The continuing rate of crises is making it even more difficult for organizations to overcome their challenges. Crisis management teams that have been working continuously since COVID Therefore, there is a high risk of burnout in performing this important duty.

“Proactive risk management will be key. This is because many survey respondents predict that the risks facing companies in 2024 will increase. Partnering with other organizations or experts helps us understand the secondary or third-order risks and impacts that may be encountered given a given geographic region, industry or travel pattern. Early warning helps organizations plan or mitigate potential risks. Ensuring flexibility within departments responsible for crisis management is also important. while increasing the number of executives who can come in and help take care of people in times of crisis and empower these executives with appropriate training. It is important to help ensure and build confidence that A crisis upon crisis will not affect business operations on a large scale.”

Annual global risk trend overview report 2024 of International SOS: Forecast 5 ratingfirst

I’m exhausted. problemCrisis upon crisisMentally debilitating

Meanwhile, the volatility caused by the COVID pandemic has eased in recent years. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has once again thrown supply chains and services across industries into turmoil and disruption. These cumulative stress situations place employees at even greater risk of burnout. Research has shown that organizations face a significant increase in stress-related absenteeism. The survey respondents emphasized that the level of perceived risk over the next 12 months; is at its highest level ever recorded, with 65% believing global risks will continue to increase in 2024, causing crisis management fatigue to be higher than before the outbreak. scourge

crisis conditionLandscapeweatherwhenGlobal warming has arrived.

Over a period of more than 2,000 years, global temperatures have increased even more rapidly over the past 50 years, indicating that How relevant are climate risks to businesses around the world? One in four organizations revealed that Their businesses are affected by events related to climate change. and report notifications (Alerts) from International SOS in 2023 indicate that extreme weather events It is the second highest alert type of situation among the thousands of alert reports issued by International SOS.

while only half of the survey respondents stated that They have considered and incorporated the issue of climate change into their health and safety plans. which this issue pointed out that How many organizations are at risk? And it is certain that this problem will not go away. About three-quarters of businesses revealed that extreme weather conditions will hinder their employees and operations in 2024.

When the weather and climate in many regions around the world change The health risk environment is also changing. Dr Irene Lai, Global Medical Director of International SOS, commented: “Many of the extreme weather events we experienced in 2023 may become more commonplace in 2024, which could result in increased climate concerns among workers, such as extreme heat in Europe. may become normal There may be even more named heat waves after the first heat wave in 2023 was named ‘Cerberus’.

“When the temperature increases The possibility of disease spread increases as well. Because these factors create an environment suitable for mosquito-borne diseases to occur. We have seen this happen in some regions, such as the malaria outbreaks in several U.S. states over the past two decades. Changing malaria transmission patterns in the African highlands and trends in vector-borne disease in Europe. This poses significant challenges for public health officials. Therefore, preparing plans to deal with health risks that have never occurred before and are likely to increase. Therefore, it is an important matter for various organizations.”

instabilityAround the world, it is becoming more violent.climb

Survey respondents said that in 2023, geopolitical tensions It is the second highest topic of safety concern. Three-quarters of respondents believed that Their organizations will be especially affected in 2024. Crises still occurring in Israel and the Gaza Strip. Including the protracted conflict in Ukraine. This results in global instability. Social unrest and disarray go hand in hand with political instability. It is a topic of great concern to many organizations. Due to the unpredictable nature of these incidents, businesses need to take strong security measures. To deal with challenges that may arise from the ever-changing global geopolitical situation.

AIRisks and Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has incredible potential to revolutionize industries. However, AI is currently taking on the critical task of separating reliable information from false information and deliberate distortion for businesses. is more complicated More than two in five respondents to the Global Risk Trends Survey said they They are concerned about the potential impact on their employees of inaccurate and distorted medical information. And the number of respondents rose to three in five when asked about political misinformation. This issue may be a particularly challenging situation as the United States is about to have an important election.

labor contractnew format

Three-quarters of organizations responding to the survey revealed that Employees increasingly expect a duty of care from their companies. The figures also reflect organizations that now shoulder duties that were once viewed as government responsibilities, such as two-thirds of organizations. that states The organization has expanded the scope of employee benefits to include support for employees’ families in times of need as well. It is considered to be a reminder that The days of providing only basic occupational health services for employees are over. Although occupational health services for employees remain important But it needs to be raised with a variety of assistance and support measures. To protect and care for employees around the world


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