Interruptions spotlight on infaticide with Carmen Di Marzo

Interruptions spotlight on infaticide with Carmen Di Marzo

Carmen Di Marzonew entry in the cast of Sea Outside 4 (from the February 14 on RaiDue and in which she will play the role of Gisella), will be in Rome from 15 to 18 February. To the Space Theatreshe will be the protagonist in the show Interruptions Of Camilla Ghedini with the direction of Paolo Vanacore.

Interruptions with Carmen Di Marzo

A trial of its own where the accused, accused of filicide, is sitting at a table from which she will never be able to get up.

It rarely happens that a mother can kill her own child. But when it happens we fall into total despair. How can a child be killed in what is her “nest” and at the hands of those who are supposed to protect him?

It is important to understand and accept that good and evil can coexist together and, therefore, can also create or destroy.

25 infanticides-filicides a year: why?

In our country they are calculated approximately 25 infanticides/filicides per year. We talk about infanticide when the child is less than one year old, filicide between 1 and 8 years old.

Today the phenomenon also concerns men, who often take their own lives. From 2010 to today, 268 children have been killed in Italy. In 2022 alone, let’s remember the case of Davide Paitone40 years old, who kills his 7-year-old son and tries to kill his wife. Martina Patti, 23, who kills his 5-year-old daughter and reports her kidnapping. Alessia Pifferi, who left her daughter alone at home causing her to die of starvation. Events that deserve an in-depth study on why beyond the news data.

To make a valuable contribution to making the interpretation of In March it is even more truthful Alessandra Bramantepsychologist, psychotherapist and criminologist who has been following the main news events that have affected our country for years.

The trilogy on violence

«Interruptions by Camilla Ghedini (Giraldi Editore) is my new monologue – explains the actress Carmen Di Marzo – adapted for the theater by Paolo Vanacore, who also takes care of the direction. The production is by Designarte di Francesco Zarzana and the music of the maestro Alessandro Panatteri. It is a work that closes my trilogy on violence and its many variations.

«I am very proud to bring this work to the stage, also assisted by the precious contribution of the criminologist Alessandra Bramante. I address the social scourge of infanticide – continues the actress – and murderous mothers, a topic that unfortunately continues to invade the pages of newspapers and television talk shows. My aim, however, is not to make a spectacle of this type of crime, but to get to the bottom of something that is too big and complex to be the subject of easy judgments. The crime of infanticide is by far the cruelest, but those who are guilty of such a crime hide a personality that is most often childish, at times innocent, at times chilling.

«Whoever kills her child never truly became a mother, but remained a daughter. The sense of responsibility and maturity is contaminated by internal problems that a child can neither resolve nor fill. I strongly believe that being a mother should be an extremely conscious choice and not a need. When needs obscure, the risk of losing oneself is inevitable. This show wants to offer a compassionate but also harsh look at a reality that must be understood rather than cursed not only by ordinary people”, comments the actress.


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