Iran sent hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia? | 2 major concerns of Westerners about Iran…

Iran sent hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia?  |  2 major concerns of Westerners about Iran…


Hamshahri online– Political group: Experts believe that Ukraine’s successive defeats in the battlefield have caused the media and Western officials to once again point the finger at Iran and accuse the Islamic Republic of participating in the war in Ukraine, while making unsubstantiated claims about military-defense cooperation between Tehran and Moscow.

This is despite the fact that in recent months the authorities of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly emphasized that Iran is not involved in the war in Ukraine and that the defense cooperation between Tehran and Moscow dates back to before the start of the war in Ukraine. It was on this basis that during recent days, Hossein Amirabdollahian, head of Iran’s diplomatic service, in a joint press conference with his Hungarian counterpart, Peter Ciarto, once again strongly condemned the baseless accusations against Iran regarding Russia’s use of Iranian weapons. The continuation of false claims by some western governments about Iran’s involvement in the Ukraine war is in a situation where Amir Abdullahian stated that the repetition of undocumented claims against Iran has reached a boring stage.

New claims about the sale of Iranian weapons to Russia

Nevertheless, the creation of space about the defense-military cooperation between Iran and Russia continues in the western media. It was just a few days ago that Reuters, in a report citing fake sources, claimed that Iran had sold about 400 powerful surface-to-surface ballistic missiles to Russia; Short-range and medium-range ballistic missiles such as “Fateh 110” and “Zulfiqar” which have good accuracy and quality.

In this report, Reuters claimed that some of these missiles were transported to Russia by ship and through the Caspian Sea, as well as by plane, claiming that more shipments are on the way. In this report, quoting “Rob Lee”, a senior expert at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in America, it is emphasized that the supply of “Fateh 100” and “Zulfiqar” missiles from Iran is a significant advantage for Russia on the battlefield; “These missiles can be used to attack military targets in operational depth, and intercepting ballistic missiles is more difficult for Ukrainian air defense.”

Why has anti-Iranian propaganda increased?

An expert on Russian issues in an interview with Hamshahri online Referring to the increase in air defenses against Iran in the issue of the war in Ukraine in recent days, he stated: Considering that the Ukrainian side has been defeated by Russia in the western front in recent days and NATO’s access to attack Donetsk has faced fundamental challenges, the concerns of some governments West has increased. This is also the reason why they have turned to creating space against Iran.

Referring to the projection of Western governments with the aim of diverting European public opinion from the failures in Ukraine, Ruhollah Modbar said: Actually, considering the situation on the ground, they want to find a partner for their failures. It is for this reason that they are trying to claim that Iran has provided Russia with drones and missiles.

Legal view of defense relations between Tehran and Moscow

The analyst of the Russian news agency Sputnik said: The first point is that according to the rules of international law, no country has the right to pressure another country about conventional arms exchange. Therefore, if Tehran and Moscow are also active in the field of defense-military cooperation, it does not conflict with international law.

Referring to the denial-oriented approaches of some Western governments in the past, Modbar continued: Another important point that should be considered in this context is the past approaches of Westerners towards Iran’s military and defense developments. We remember that whenever the Islamic Republic conducted a missile test, some American and Western officials claimed that it was a “replica” and had no effective use.

Stating that at one point the Westerners tried to ignore Iran’s military-defense developments, he continued: What has happened now that has caused Westerners to panic and acknowledge Iran’s progress is a matter that needs to be analyzed. In fact, this panic shows that the Westerners recognize Iran’s capabilities.

Emphasizing that now the West has realized that the 4-decade-old sanctions against Iran have not been able to create an obstacle in the progress of the Islamic Republic, Madbar said: they are worried that Iran will become the biggest seller of conventional weapons in the world; An issue that, in addition to economic and financial advantages, also creates a favorable deterrent for Iran.

Two important concerns of Westerners

This expert on Russian issues said that now Westerners are more concerned about two issues regarding Iran: First, they are worried that Iran will become a strategic transit axis; An issue that will be realized with the completion of the North-South Corridor. The second concern of the Westerners is the transformation of the Islamic Republic into a big seller of conventional weapons.

Madbar stated that the number of sellers of conventional weapons is limited in the world today, and added: This issue will bring a good income for Iran and will further strengthen the security position of the Islamic Republic. In fact, the Westerners are afraid of the development of defense cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, both in the field of income generation and in the technical-military aspect.

He continued: The fact that a superpower like Russia, with its special capabilities and capabilities in the field of weapons, is willing to buy weapons from the Islamic Republic shows off Iran’s military power. An issue that will ultimately be associated with the creation of strategic deterrence for Iran.

Many customers of Iran’s medium-range missiles

Referring to some internal stances on military-defense cooperation between Iran and Russia, this expert on Russian issues said that some people who have been in important positions in the past are terrified of these cooperations and interpreted this issue as an attempt to increase pressure on Iran. They do, it is surprising.

Modbar added: The whole world is aware of this point, when a country has the ability to produce and export conventional weapons that also have a suitable market, this shows that it has strategic capabilities.

He continued: Today, Iran’s missiles, including medium-range missiles, have many customers, because in addition to the reasonable price, they also have a special quality, and international experts have repeatedly admitted the superiority of Iranian missiles. This actually generates good income for Iran and also increases the deterrence power of the country.

Madbar added: The important thing is that whether we have sold missiles and drones to Russia or not, we have not done anything wrong. This issue is considered a big loss for the Westerners, because they failed to stop Iran’s projects in order to achieve proper deterrence.


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