Irene Effe does “Scorched Earth” starting tomorrow and frees herself “from evil”

Irene Effe does “Scorched Earth” starting tomorrow and frees herself “from evil”


AND Scorched earth the new album by Irene Effenew artistic guise of Irene Fornaciariout Friday 5 April .

The album represents the culmination of the new artistic phase of the talented singer-songwriter, Zucchero’s daughter. The result of an important and profound path of musical research and personal change, and a renewed starting point, through which to demonstrate her talent and her great desire to renew herself.

Scorched earth liberating experience for Irene

“This new work was a liberating experience for me – says Irene – The album was born from the need to bring out emotions and words that I had kept hidden for too long. Without superstructures and without too much reasoning, I followed the flow of creativity, beyond what is currently trending. I simply listened to myself and tried to give a colour, a mood, a sensation to my moods.”

The title itself, “Scorched Earth”, contains within it a double symbolic meaning: the first is the painful desire to metaphorically “raze to the ground” everything that belonged to the singer-songwriter’s “previous” artistic life. The second meaning is the awareness that starting from scratch can often also be something positive in having a new space to fill and sow, with the awareness that having a bit of “scorched earth” around oneself is perhaps not always a bad thing.

13 tracks

Through the thirteen tracks of the album, Irene Effe presents a new and hidden side of himself, hoping it can be a help and an outlet to deal with certain issues, such as mental health and toxic relationships. Thanks to the achievement of profound personal maturity, the artist has reached full awareness that it is wrong to pretend to be something we are not, just as it is negative to always hide one’s fears and fragilities.

“Scorched Earth”whose producer and co-writer is Federico Biagetti, is, therefore, an important, new chapter in the singer-songwriter’s career, full of nuances and new territories; the artist in fact wanted to experiment and range between sounds, moving away from mainstream and exploring a darker and more restless sound than his previous works, in line with the “twilight” person he actually is.

An adventure between electronic sounds and other more organic and visceral ones, without neglecting the moments with veins Soul and R&Bthe music from which the artist comes, in a credible and unforced fusion, which gives life to a genre that she herself defines “Obscure Pop”.

“We worked mainly at night, when everything stops and the shadow takes on an almost tangible, even pleasant form – he continues Irene – The album definitely absorbed the atmosphere that swirled through the many sleepless nights. Often some songs saw the dawn while they were born. It was a creative process, laborious, impetuous, highly frustrating and wonderful at the same time.”

The singles

The new recording project contains, among others, the two singles already released I free myself from evil”released on Friday 1 December 2023, and of which a special acoustic version was released last 12 January, and “Rooms”published last March 22.

Strengthened by his artistic maturity, with “Scorched Earth” Irene finds a new compositional freedom and finally manages to express the authentic essence of herself, as a musician and as a woman.


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