Is Gul Mohammadi’s presence in Ahvaz confirmed? | Possible separation of Martinez from steel

Is Gul Mohammadi’s presence in Ahvaz confirmed?  |  Possible separation of Martinez from steel

According to Hamshahri Online, after the defeat of the Khuzestan Foolad team against Chadormelo Ardakan in the round of 16 of the elimination cup, which led to the elimination of the Ahvazi team from this tournament, many criticisms were directed at the Spanish Foolad head coach Martinez.

Following this issue, Foulad Club held an extraordinary meeting after this defeat, which many considered as an ultimatum for this old Spanish man. On the other hand, this meeting was met with a strange reaction from Martinez.

Last night, Martinez announced in a statement to the media that the club’s management is not sympathetic to him and did not attract the players he wanted. This statement kindled the fire of disagreements between the CEO of the club and the head coach of Foulad more than before, and it seems that we will soon see changes in this Ahwazi club.

Since the amount of Martinez’s contract with Foulad is high, the club managers do not intend to fire him, but they want to provide the grounds for terminating the contract of this Spanish coach with a bilateral agreement so that Foulad does not suffer more.

Due to the events that happened, Martinez is not in a good condition even in the steel team’s training and the steel players know that he will soon be separated from the steel team, that is why there are special conditions in this team so that it is said that some of his tactical orders are even The players are not welcomed either.

However, it seems that we have to wait for Foulad’s official announcement to terminate the contract of Ignacio Martinez.

According to the report of Sport 3, under the circumstances that Foulad Club has not published any news about the termination of cooperation with Martinez, rumors have been raised about the presence of Yahya Golmohammadi in Ahvaz.


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