Is it possible to return plane tickets due to a child’s illness? | Right | Society

Is it possible to return plane tickets due to a child’s illness?  |  Right |  Society

Passengers can cancel train and plane tickets due to illness. In accordance with Part 2 of Article 108 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, a passenger has the right to return a non-refundable ticket under the following circumstances:

  • illness of the passenger or a member of his family or a close relative traveling with him;
  • death of a passenger’s family member or close relative;
  • delay in flight departure or other failure to fulfill/improper fulfillment of obligations by the airline to the passenger.

Family members are spouses, parents and children (adoptive parents and adopted children), and close relatives are grandparents and grandchildren, full and half brothers and sisters.

How to get a refund for a ticket?

Trip cancellations can be reported to:

  • in your personal account on the carrier’s website
  • in the chat of its technical support
  • to the airline’s hotline.

A refund for a ticket is possible provided that the carrier is notified before the end of the check-in time for passengers for the flight indicated in the ticket, established in accordance with clause 81 of the Rules. The sooner you inform about trip cancellation, the more money you can get back upon return.

What documents will be required?

To return, you need a certificate stating that the child is sick or that the flight is contraindicated for him. The duration of illness must correspond to the dates of travel. In addition to the certificate, you will also need a passport and birth certificate.

How much will be refunded when returning a ticket?

If you return your plane ticket before check-in, you will be refunded the cost of the ticket minus fees and other payments.



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