Is the Korean stock market also shining? KOSPI and KOSDAQ rise together for three consecutive trading days

Is the Korean stock market also shining?  KOSPI and KOSDAQ rise together for three consecutive trading days

Semiconductor stocks rise on warm winds from the U.S…. Individuals should sell 1.4 trillion won
KOSDAQ also rose by more than 2%… Transaction amount also ‘rises’

KOSPI closed the market by settling at the 2,640 level on the 13th, the first trading day after the Lunar New Year holiday. KOSDAQ also rose by more than 2%, and the Korean stock market continued its upward trend for three consecutive trading days before and after the Lunar New Year holiday.

This is thanks to the rise of large semiconductor stocks in the Korean stock market as AI (artificial intelligence)-related stocks soared in the U.S. stock market during the holiday closure period while industries with low price-to-book ratios (PBR) continued to rise.

On this day, the KOSPI closing price closed at 2,649.64, up 29.32 points (1.12%) from the previous trading day.

On the 13th, the electronic display of the dealing room of Hana Bank’s Myeong-dong branch in Jung-gu, Seoul shows the KOSPI index at 2649.64, up 29.32 points (1.12%) from the previous trading day.

The index started at 2,644.17, up 23.85 points (0.91%) from the 8th, the last trading day before the holiday, and rose to 2,656.87 during the day, but failed to break the 2,650 mark as of the closing price.

Foreigners and institutions made net purchases of 957 billion won and 490.1 billion won, respectively, while individuals net sold 1.409 trillion won.

Foreigners have continued to be net buyers for 8 consecutive trading days from the 31st of last month to this day.

The won/dollar exchange rate closed at 1,328.1 won, down 0.1 won from the previous day.

The New York stock market showed mixed performance the previous day, but on the 10th (local time), the S&P 500 index exceeded the closing price of 5,000 for the first time in history, showing an overall upward trend during the holiday closure, which is interpreted to have influenced the Korean stock market.

An employee is sorting out dollar bills at the counterfeit and alteration response center of Hana Bank’s Myeong-dong branch in Jung-gu, Seoul.

In particular, as high-tech stocks such as AI and semiconductors drove stock prices in the U.S. stock market, investment sentiment in related fields spread, and funds poured into electrical and electronic industries with top market capitalization, such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix.

On this day, Samsung Electronics[005930]is 1.48%, SK Hynix[000660]rose 5.04%.

In addition, among the top stocks in domestic market capitalization, Celltrion (4.40%), Kia[000270](3.53%), KB Finance[105560](3.11%), Samsung BioLogics[207940](2.82%), Samsung SDI[006400](1.56%), Kakao[035720](1.30%) etc. rose.

On the other hand, POSCO Holdings[005490](-3.31%), NAVER[035420](-0.49%) and Hyundai Motor Company (-0.40%) fell.

Among all stocks, 605 stocks rose and 287 stocks fell.

By industry, the electricity and gas industry (3.17%), pharmaceuticals (3.07%), machinery (2.15%), electrical and electronics (1.92%), telecommunications (1.58%), manufacturing (1.52%), and securities (1.45%) were on the rise. Steel and metal (-1.50%), insurance (-0.94%), transportation warehouse (-0.74%), and distribution (-0.44%) fell.

The KOSDAQ index is displayed on the electronic display in the dealing room of Hana Bank in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 13th. yunhap news

On this day, KOSDAQ closed at 845.15, up 18.57 points (2.25%) from the previous trading day. The KOSDAQ increase exceeded the KOSPI for two consecutive trading days following the 8th.

Foreigners bought 259.5 billion won, leading the index’s rise, while institutions sold 171 billion won and individuals net sold 81.8 billion won.

Among the top stocks by market capitalization, Enchem[348370](29.85%) hit the upper limit and HPSP[403870](21.14%), Alteogen[196170](12.76%), Shinsung Delta Tech[065350](9.42%), Reno Industrial[058470](8.42%), Celltrion Pharmaceutical[068760](4.08%), Rainbow Robotics[277810](3.32%), HLB[028300]Most stocks rose, including (2.34%).

On the other hand, EcoPro is ranked 1st and 2nd in KOSDAQ market cap.[086520](-2.01%), Ecopro BM[247540](-1.44%) gave back the sharp increase late last week.

Among all stocks, 1,176 stocks rose and 379 stocks fell.

Most industries rose, including chemicals (5.44%), semiconductors (4.87%), and communication equipment (3.85%), while broadcasting services (-1.83%), finance (-1.05%), and textiles and clothing (-0.61%) fell. .

On this day, the trading volume of KOSPI and KOSDAQ was 13.079 trillion won and 11.1443 trillion won, respectively.

This is an increase of 603.3 billion won and 1.5823 trillion won, respectively, compared to the previous trading day.


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