Isn’t that true?

Isn’t that true?

“..I looked into the sun’s eyes and saw Pipim, my daughter, in there.”

This..Chairman Advisor to the Leader of the Move Forward Party, Mr. Pitha Limjaroenrat. has spoken in the middle of parliament Which many people don’t know what it means?

Why is Ms. Pitha’s daughter in that child’s eyes? Or Khun Pitha would say Tawan and Pipim are similar in personality, behavior, and appearance.

If that were the case, it would seem unfair and too cruel to your own daughter. Because in truth, Pipim’s grandchild may not have anything in common with or similar to a Tawan child at all!

No matter what, Khun Pitha looked into the sun’s eyes and saw her daughter there. Now, after she had done a terrible deed that made the villagers scold each other all over the city.

Therefore causing many people to look into the sun’s eyes. As for who will see what, I don’t know. I only know that one of my friends told me..

I saw the damn thing!

Talking about Tawan, is he the same person as the child named “Thantawan” or not? You can guess. Ms. Thantawan Tuatulanon posted.. clarifying 4 facts:

1. That day I just returned from a funeral. and had an errand to do near the Victory Monument 2. We didn’t know that there would be a royal procession. and had no intention of causing trouble Including not obstructing the procession as reported.

Because if anyone really watches the clip You will know that you did not block the procession or cut off the front of the procession as many media channels said.

But just drive really fast and carelessly. In order to rush to reach the Victory Monument as we were going to do business.

3. We reviewed the event and thought that Driving fast and carelessly like that is something that shouldn’t be done. So I apologize for this part. and will be improved so that it does not happen again.

4. We still insist on the right and freedom to ask questions like we did during the live broadcast. Where we call the police “Phi” And we didn’t say any harsh words to the police, we only asked questions.

“This is true in every letter. Believe it or not is everyone’s right. There were people who said that we were obstructing or driving along the royal procession. That’s not true. Thank you.”

Yes..whoever believes it, believe it. But it seems that a student of Wat Kai Tia, Mr. Wanchai Sonsiri, doesn’t believe it, so he posts..

“Ask about things like this. What shall we do? If we look at it from a legal point of view, we might talk about it in terms of law. But what Thai society should do including all sectors that Behavior that will prevent this kind of behavior

is to reject the actions of these people and must condemn the actions of these people Anyone who supports Or Or Ho Hok or is involved in it. We must help condemn it.

and shout out Let these people never act in this manner again. Should not have a place in society If anyone is a parent, they are the guardian. You should teach your own children.

As for the case where the perpetrator claims that he didn’t know that it was a royal procession, that doesn’t make sense because as you can see from the clip, from his behavior, karma is already an indicator of intent. What happened, including the blockade and the operation, everyone already knows.

You yourself should have known that it was a royal procession. The police themselves were notified. But there was still behavior that contradicted the police, even though the police had already informed them what kind of convoy it was. What is the mission? But pretending not to know

Of course, it is normal for people who do such things to claim it later. But people know what you’re doing.”

That’s it..what the heck you’re doing, you’ll know in your heart. Don’t be fooled!?.

San Satorman

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