Israel aims to silence the calls to prayer

Israel aims to silence the calls to prayer

The last target of Israeli warplanes was the Faruk Mosque, the largest mosque in the Abura Refugee Camp in the central part of Rafah.

A large pile of rubble remains from the Faruk Mosque, which was destroyed in the attack carried out by war planes yesterday.

Stating that they woke up due to the severe shaking caused by the explosion that occurred after the attack, Palestinian Abu Muhammed Sencer talked about the many moments he experienced.


The old Palestinian man stated that the Faruk Mosque in the Abura Refugee Camp as well as dozens of houses in the surrounding area were destroyed in the air attack.

Stating that there was a great destruction in the region, as if there had been an earthquake, Sencer said, “The moment of the attack was like an earthquake. Israel targeted all mosques and did not leave a solid mosque standing.” he said.

Sencer emphasized that most of the people living around the camp and mosque bombed by the Israeli army consisted of elderly people, women and children.


Ismail es-Sevabite, General Director of the Media Office of the government in Gaza, said in his statement to the AA correspondent, “The Israeli occupation army completely destroyed 183 mosques and partially destroyed 264 mosques during the genocidal war in Gaza, and also targeted 3 churches.” said.

Sevabite stated that the Israeli army, which destroyed mosques with missiles and bombs, used 2 tons of explosives in the attacks.

Stating that this is not the first time that the Israeli army has targeted a mosque, Sevabite noted that the destruction caused in the attack on Faruk Mosque on February 22 was the greatest and most violent ever.

Emphasizing that direct targeting of places of worship is a hate crime, Sevabite said, “Israel, which systematically targets mosques and churches, silenced the call to prayer coming from dozens of neighborhoods, as well as the church bells.”


The city of Rafah, located south of Gaza on the border with Egypt, was home to approximately 280 thousand Palestinians before the Israeli attacks. Due to Israel’s attacks on October 7, 1.9 million people were displaced in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of approximately 2.3 million.

The majority of the displaced Palestinians took refuge in Rafah, which Israel had previously claimed was “safe”. With the arrivals from the northern regions, the population of Rafah more than quadrupled, reaching 1.4 million.

Most of the Palestinians who took refuge in Rafah due to lack of sufficient housing are struggling to survive in camps consisting of makeshift tents.

Israeli forces frequently target the city of Rafah with air attacks. It is feared that if Israel launches a ground attack on the city of Rafah, civilians will have no place to shelter in the Gaza Strip.

On February 9, Netanyahu instructed the Israeli army and security forces to “prepare an attack plan against Rafah.”


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