Israel warns hostage release deal could lead to disaster

Israel warns hostage release deal could lead to disaster

This Tuesday, Israel’s Minister of National Security, Gilad Shalit, warned that a possible agreement with Hamas to secure the release of Israeli hostages could lead to “a disaster”.

The government official expressed his concern because “talks are taking place and we are being left out. We don’t know the details and they’re not telling us the truth.”

“Rumors indicate that Israel may again be making a mistake similar to that of the Shalit agreement,” said the far-right minister, referring to the release of soldier Gilad Shalit in exchange for the release of 1,027 Palestinian prisoner soldiers, in 2011.

The Israeli minister expressed reluctance regarding the pact, which could involve the release of Palestinian prisoners and the possibility of fuel entering the Gaza Strip, which he strongly opposes.

During a protest in front of the Israeli army headquarters in the city of Tel Aviv, the mother of two minors kidnapped by Hamas argued that “the opportunity to move forward with this agreement cannot be missed”.

“I ask all mothers to come and join me. We have to bring them back home,” said the mother, quoted by The Times of Israel.


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