Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: We will attack Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu: We will attack Rafah

Netanyahu said they aim to achieve ‘complete victory’. At a time when concerns about welfare are increasing, Netanyahu said, “We will continue the attacks.”


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that they will target Palestinians taking refuge in Rafah.

The Israeli army, which destroyed Gaza, is preparing to create similar images in Rafah, on the Egyptian border.

Netanyahu met with the Prime Minister of the interim government in the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, who was visiting his country, in West Jerusalem.

In the written statement made by the Israeli Prime Ministry Press Office regarding the meeting, it was stated that Netanyahu informed Rutte about the attacks on Gaza.

“We will continue the attacks”

Netanyahu said that they will target the battalions of Hamas’s military wing, the Izeddin al-Qassam Brigades, in Rafah and noted that they will continue the attacks until “they gain complete victory against Hamas.”

In his statement on February 9, Netanyahu announced that he had instructed the army and security organization to prepare a plan to attack Rafah and send approximately 1.4 million Palestinians who have taken refuge there to other regions.

Latest situation in Refah city

The city of Rafah, located on Gaza’s border with Egypt, was home to approximately 280 thousand Palestinians. Due to Israel’s attacks on October 7, 1.9 million people were displaced in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of approximately 2.3 million.

Most of the Palestinians displaced in the attacks took refuge in Rafah, which Israel had previously claimed was “safe”. With the arrival of displaced Palestinians to the region, Rafah’s population more than quadrupled, reaching 1.4 million.

Struggle for survival in makeshift tents

Most of the Palestinians who took refuge in Rafah due to lack of sufficient housing are struggling to survive in camps consisting of makeshift tents.

Israeli forces target the city of Rafah with frequent air strikes. It is feared that if Israel launches a land attack on the city of Rafah, civilians will have no shelter in the Gaza Strip.


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