Issuance of meteorological warning; 24 provinces of the country should expect rain, strong wind and lightning At…

Issuance of meteorological warning;  24 provinces of the country should expect rain, strong wind and lightning  At…


According to Hamshahri Online, citing the country’s Meteorological Organization, this organization issued a yellow warning and announced: rain, lightning, strong wind, snow in the heights, dust in some places and hail in the western half of Kerman. , the northern half of Fars, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh and Boyar Ahmad for this evening and tomorrow, Thursday (April 16) in the northern half of Kerman and Sistan and Baluchistan provinces, Friday (April 17) in North Khorasan and North Razavi Khorasan, Saturday (April 18) in East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan and Ardabil and on Sunday (April 19) in East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Kurdistan, Zanjan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan, North Khorasan, Qazvin, Tehran, Alborz and Semnan highlands. will be

In these weather conditions, there is a possibility of flooding of public roads, possibility of flowing water, relatively strong wind, slippage and reduced visibility especially on mountain roads and passes, possibility of damage to temporary structures, possibility of damage to seedlings and agricultural products.

According to the recommendation of the Meteorological Organization, be careful in trips outside the city, do not stop at the riverbeds and banks, be careful in crossing the banks of rivers and canals, be careful in mountain climbing activities and moving nomads, prepare executive and relief agencies and clean the opening of bridges, dredging canals and waterways. Adoption of necessary measures to protect agricultural products and caution in carrying out any agricultural operation should be considered.

The Meteorological Organization has issued another yellow warning: an increase in the maximum wind speed in the range of 24 to 30 knots and an increase in the maximum wave height of more than 1.5 meters with special emphasis on the coastal and offshore areas of Golestan province on Thursday and Friday (16 and 17 April) is predicted in the coastal and offshore areas of Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan provinces, in the eastern and central areas of the Caspian Sea.

In these weather conditions, there is a risk of sinking of light and recreational boats, damage to fishing cages and nets, possibility of sinking of fishing vessels and disturbance in the traffic of semi-heavy vessels, possibility of damage to marine and coastal facilities and disruption of port activities.

The Meteorological Organization recommends banning recreational and swimming activities, banning the movement of boats and recreational and fishing vessels, caution in marine activities in offshore areas, taking necessary measures to prevent any damage related to marine activities.


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